The translucent partition between web design and graphic design

web design

We often think the professions of web designing and graphic designing to be synonymous. These two categories of professionals may share the same broad work space but they are two different niches. They may both deal in creating pages in the web but their working methods are distinctly different. Their working idea may sometimes overlap.

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What You Need to Know Before Hiring Affordable Web Design Services

web design services

Companies, small businesses, personal startup and many more establishments are always looking for the best website construction service. In that case, when looking for a service in affordable web design services, customers need to make sure they make the best selection. The only way to make sure you are going to make the best selection would be to consider the following. 

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Why Should I Be Using WordPress Instead of Coding From Scratch?

Why WordPress

WordPress is one platform that has completely revolutionized content management systems. The ability it puts in ones hands in regards to web development is irresistibly appalling. Anyone that has encountered WordPress in one way or another has only one question on their mind; Why Should I be using WordPress instead of coding from scratch? This is a legitimate dilemma.

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Learning How to Create a Website

Create Website

Creating your own website might be very daunting so here is a way of simplifying the process and ensuring your website will be a success.


Register a domain name

 It doesn’t matter if you are building a personal or business website you need to have a domain name, which is good. There are heaps of designs and concepts out there, all you need is have a few ideas and test them at the relevant websites to see if those domains are available.

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How do I set random visit durations for my website campaigns?

You can now select random visit durations for your website campaigns by toggling ON the Randomize Seconds button within the Visit Duration section and choosing any two values from 10 to 60 seconds.

You can also enable this feature within the Quick Actions -> Edit to update all existing website campaigns on a page or on your account.

random visit duration all campaigns

Leave this feature OFF if you only wish to select one visit duration like you had previously.

Simply click and drag the Randomize Seconds button to the right for ON.

random visit duration ON

Use the slider to choose two visit durations you want your campaign to use. For example, if you select 10 – 30 seconds, visitors will randomly stay on your page for 10, 20 or 30 seconds and each visit will consume 1, 2 or 3 points per visit respectively.

visit duration selection


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How do I quickly pause, resume, edit or delete campaigns with Quick Actions?

Click on the “Websites” tab on the left sidebar of the dashboard.


Hover over to the right of the page above your Website Campaigns where you will find a link for “expand all” and “quick actions”. Click on the “quick actions” link to reveal the drop down menu.

Quick Actions Menu

Select “On This Page…” if you wish to pause, resume, edit or delete campaigns that are shown on this page.

Select “All Campaigns…” if you wish to pause, resume, edit or delete all campaigns on your account.

A prompt will show up that will allow you to select your action (Pause, Resume, Edit or Delete) for the campaigns you’ve chosen (On This Page or All Campaigns).

quick actions prompt

After making your selection, you must click on confirm by clicking on “Yes, I would like to commit to these changes” before clicking the red “Commit” button.

quick actions confirm

If you select “Edit”, you will be able to edit the campaigns common settings such as: Visit Duration, Maximum Hits Per Hour, Traffic Source (Pro or Business plans only) and Geo-targeting (Business plans only). IMPORTANT: Make sure you check mark the check box on the left of each setting to update that particular setting. The image below shows an example of editing the Visit Duration, Traffic Source and Geo-targeting of all website campaigns on this user’s account:

quick actions edit

Check mark “Yes, I would like to commit to these changes” and click the red “Commit” button to proceed.


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