Here is What You Need to Do to Setup Your Website or Blog

Tuesday, October 4th, 2016

setup your website

Technology has made it compulsory for every person and business to be accessible on the web. Knowing how to create a website ensures a person’s existence on the internet. For most people, this topic is evaded, as they are unfamiliar with the process. There are 5 known basics on creating a website.

The first is usually registering a domain name. The domain name represents your identity or address, it’s the name used to find you in the internet. The domain name should be new and unique. It should not match a registered one. The domain name is much memorable when it’s short.

The second step is usually to find a host for your domain name. The host is the space your name stays. The price ranges from $10 to & $70 yearly. The space you rent is on the space your domain is usually on a main server where your files are stored. The server defines the speed, reliability, security and management of the site. Choosing the right host guarantees you a better website.

The third step involves choosing the content for your website. The management systems on content refer to the software that runs the website. It’s like the android on smartphones. The platform used should be easy to use, open, secure and expansive. The most commonly used content management system is the WordPress. This is free and has a wide following as it’s convenient and easy to use.

The fourth step is the website appearance. Most of the content management systems usually come with templates on the design of the website. The templates include the themes; this depends on the individual, the purpose of the website, the nature and functions of the website. The appearance is usually done through coding. This is through HTML, PHP, CSS and java scripts coded to bring out content. This step defines the organization of the site.

The final step and the key of all are adding the content. A website should have relevant content. The content usually gives all the information about the organization or individual. This greatly relies on the art of writing. The content should be clear and images great.

Once the website is complete, testing is very crucial; this should actually be done after every step to see the result from a user’s perspective. Use the known web pages like windows explorer and maxilla Firefox to view the site. The web pages are free and so no extra charges. The web pages should show you how the website appears and how interactive or appealing it is. The information passed to the user should be the intended one.

The now complete site is made public. Promoting the site is necessary to create traffic to it. Ways of promoting it may include submitting it to search engines like yahoo, Bing and Google. Adverts in journals and magazines and through the word of mouth are ways of promoting the new website.

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