The translucent partition between web design and graphic design

Friday, May 5th, 2017

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We often think the professions of web designing and graphic designing to be synonymous. These two categories of professionals may share the same broad work space but they are two different niches. They may both deal in creating pages in the web but their working methods are distinctly different. Their working idea may sometimes overlap. Let us say that the partition between these two categories of occupation is translucent and not opaque.  In this article, the major differences between these two occupations are being discussed. Some points of comparison are being discussed below:

  1. The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics recognizes web design and graphic design as two different subjects. Graphic design falls under the subject group or discipline of “Arts and Design” while Web design falls under the category of “Computer and Information Technology. Lucidly speaking the graphic designer is concerned with the artistic part of the web page while the web designer is more concerned with the technical aspect.
  2. The web designer creates his design by means of computer codes and uses several programs like HTML while the graphic designer sketches images both on his drawing sheets and also with the help of programs. Graphic designers use typography, images, font style and other elements to represent an idea. The products that they create can be used in brochures, posters, magazines, presentations and also in a web page. They are not concerned with program development which is the area where a web designer is required. The web designer is thus often referred to as a web developer while a graphic designer is the end user or application user.
  • The web designer has to design objects in such a manner that it should be quickly viewable and downloadable. Screen resolution matters in case of web page designing. Also, people or the target audience viewing the designed web page should be able to quickly comprehend the idea and the message of the content. It should be effective tool to fetch more business in a quick and sure shot way. Designs created by a graphic designer are not constrained by factors like speed and resolution. Of course, they have their target audience and they need to impress them or fetch business with their designs. But they do not need to match their design with various aspects or efficiency of the internet.
  1. Job openings for a graphic designer are mostly in the printing industry. Needless to say that a web designer has a job market in the internet or programming industry itself.
  2. A web designer usually has a higher salary package than a graphic designer. The average yearly income of a web designer in US is $62,000 approximately while a graphic designer earns approximately $44,000 per year.

They often say that the best web page can be created when a web designer collaborates with a graphic designer. There are professionals who have acquired degrees in both of these occupations. The art of web designing truly reaches a pinnacle with these professionals.

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