From web traffic information provider to a web traffic generator

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The web provides a limitless opportunity for growth related to individual, small business, public sectors and corporate sectors. Web traffic is the lifeline behind all this growth. Creating a wonderful web page is not enough anymore for this big and competitive web world where the count is in millions. You need methods. Web analytics software provides you with these essential methods.

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What is 10KHits?

10KHits is a simple and easy-to-use scalable traffic exchange for webmasters who are looking for fast and affordable hits to their websites. Founded in 2011, 10KHits has already delivered billions of hits to thousands of clients worldwide. We help webmasters improve their website’s traffic, alexa ranking, SERPs and more. 10KHits is one of the most trusted traffic exchanges on the web today with plans ranging from free, $10 to $29 per month. Additionally, you’ll also get access to our knowledgebase filled with useful information on search engine optimization, search engine marketing, social media marketing, website performance and digital analytics at no additional cost. Where else can you get all this for free?

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