How To Use LinkedIn to Boost Your Career

Friday, April 3rd, 2020

how to use linkedin

The first thought that pops into our minds when we think of job change is usually LinkedIn. No other website has been able to amass such a cult like following when it comes to anything related to professional branding. This social media website has made itself synonymous with a successful career in today’s world. LinkedIn boosts nearly 550 million users from over 200 countries, making it a powerhouse among all professional websites. It’s a powerful marketing tool to give a lift to your career, if you harness it correctly, and it can be done in the following ways:

Career Switch: Let us get the most obvious one out of the way first. When thinking of a new job, first place to start is LinkedIn. Having a strong presence on the website demonstrates that you take your career seriously.  Most of the big names now have their own pages, where new positions are posted first, before anywhere else, and in order to stay ahead of the herd you can simply follow the company. With the Easy Apply option, you do not even need to fill in data anywhere else and can directly apply using your profile as a resume.

Networking: Connecting with old people you lost contact with and people from your industry is another important facet of the social media site. If you have enjoyed working with someone, you can review them as this sort of acts like a recommendation letter, which recruiters can use. It is almost impossible to keep tabs on what is happening with everyone. This website lets you update everyone in your network about where you are professionally, and to see where your peers are.

Your First Impression: Suppose you have a business meeting with someone, chances are that before meeting you that person will look you up on LinkedIn and vice versa. Therefore, your profile is your first chance to make a lasting imprint on others. Usually the first result from google search is your LinkedIn profile.

Landing A Dream Job Without Any Effort: Numerous recruiters are constantly on the prowl to scout the best talent and if they think you are a good match for them, they will contact you themselves. What do you have to do in all this? Practically nothing at all other than making a strong killer profile with the right keywords. Having a complete accurate profile is extremely crucial in this era. Even if you are not interested in the offer, it always feels good to know that your skills and experience is in demand.

Staying Current: People these days are using the platform to write blog posts, articles about the most important issues. By following and connecting with the right kind of people, you are always up to date with the current events in your industry without it being twisted by the media. Additionally, there are dozens of professional groups where you can associate with likeminded people and discuss topics you are passionate about.

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