How to Optimize Your Website for SEO

optimize website

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is a process of improving the ranking of a website on web search engines. Webmasters often optimize their websites in order to improve its performance.  Optimizing your website is a vital thing because it enables your website to be seen, searched and being approved by search engines as well as the audience. SEO has become the most reliable form of marketing used by many organizations and business owners worldwide today.

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Organic search traffic feature is here!

Organic search traffic

Organic Search feature is now available on 10KHits. Business plan users can now send organic traffic to their websites as long as their websites are already indexed on Google.

To use the Organic option, you must have a Business plan. For a limited time, you can upgrade to Business plan here: with promo code: JUL200 for an additional 200,000 traffic points for FREE!

Organic traffic will show up in web analytic tools as Organic medium with google as the source. Keywords are not available with this feature and will show up as (not provided).

When you add your website, paste the link that you wish to promote in the URL and scroll down the page to the traffic source to select Organic.

add site

Click the “Fetch URL” button to see if your link is indexed by Google or not.

Fetch URL

If your site is found on Google, there will be a “Success!” status below it. You are all done!

Configure the rest of your campaign settings and add the site to run it. Here is a rundown of the different statuses you may see:

  1. Success! – You can use this link with Organic traffic option.
  2. Not indexed – Your website is not indexed by Google according to our system. Click the “Manual Fetch” button to learn how to double check in case our system missed it.
  3. Not found – Your website does not exist. Make sure your website is online and open to the public.
  4. Error – You did not paste the correct long indirection link. You can retry and follow the directions in the popup.

Disclaimer: The Organic traffic feature is currently in beta. Please report any issues you experience via support ticket.

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The Future of Search Engine Optimization

Future of SEO

The SEO arena is unstable and ever changing. With every Google update (e.g. Panda) the SEO world becomes affected. Some businesses go under, others rise up and new theories and SEO strategies come up. SEO is simply about getting a site or a blog to rank first in Google searches by staffing specific keywords in the site. The problem with SEO at the moment is that many sites in a bid to rank first on Google searches have neglected the quality of their content and Google are out to change this, one update at a time.

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Top 10 SEO Mistakes You Must Never Make

SEO mistakes

You have thought about it and decided that you are going to concentrate on SEO as the main means of sending traffic to your site. You implement a few SEO strategies, but your site, regardless of the improved rankings still comes up on the fourth or fifth page. You might be making some costly SEO mistakes, 10 of which will be discussed below.

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Things to Do to Achieve Better SEO

Better SEO things

Just in case you have never heard of SEO, it is a term that is normally used to represent “search engine optimization”. Well, as you can probably guess from its name already, this is an attempt to give your website a higher page rank on the most popular search engine, namely Google. The reason is because if your website ranks high on Google, then you will be able to enjoy a high stream of constant revenue as well.

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How to Develop a Website That Search Engine Will Find

Develop Website for Search Engine

The internet has become one of people’s primary needs these days. This is a fact that is inevitable. Not only is internet used for fun, a lot of companies are now heavily counting on it for their survival. Besides companies, there are also those who count on the internet solely to earn a living.

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