2 simple ways to buy organic web traffic to your website

buy web traffic

Organic web traffic means those surfers who search for content on an unpaid or organic search engines like Google or Bing and land on your website being directed by the search engine itself. Organic web traffic is the most important when compared to paid traffic. The latter might only increase web traffic and display you as a recommendable website.

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What type of social media marketing should I choose? Organic or paid

social media butterfly

Hubspot, one of the most popular websites on Digital marketing has recently conducted a survey on social media marketing entrepreneurs and has published its results: 63 percent of the companies who are using social media have said that it has increased marketing effectiveness among other benefits. There is no doubt today, that using the social media definitely contributes to an improved digital marketing. But the leverage lies in doing it correctly.

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Why Organic Search is More Important than Social Media

Organic Search

Just as we judge a person’s importance in a social network by the people he or she connects with, so can we rank a web page by its links from other web pages. A majority of people searching on the internet click on organic rankings to get reviews and more information about offered products or services; this makes organic search the primary visitor source to the average internet site.

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How to manually fetch URL on Google for organic traffic?

Our Organic traffic source is still in beta and sometimes it won’t be able to fetch your link and falsely show “not indexed” even if your link is actually indexed by Google. If this happens, follow the steps below to manually fetch your link from Google.


Step 1. Open a new tab in your web browser and go to https://www.google.com.

Step 1

Paste the full link of the website you want to drive organic traffic to in Google and press Enter or click Search.

Example: https://www.10khits.com/how-it-works

Step 2. If your link is listed in the results, this means that your link is indexed by Google. Right click and copy the link address in the Google results.

Step 2

The link you copied will be a very long indirection link similar to this:


Step 3. Go back to 10KHits Add Site page and paste the link at the bottom of the popup under “If you have found your link, submit your link below.” Click the Submit URL button when you are done.

Organic Modal

“Success!” will show under the Organic option. You are all done!

Organic Modal 4

Finish configuring your campaign settings such as visit duration and when you are ready click +Add Site.

If your link is not listed in Google results, this means that your URL is not indexed by Google yet. There could be a number of reasons that can cause this such as the link address is brand new and Google hasn’t indexed it yet.

You can use Google Webmaster Tools to index your new link or submit your website link for inclusion to Google by filling out this form: http://www.google.com/addurl/?continue=/addurl

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Organic search traffic feature is here!

Organic search traffic

Organic Search feature is now available on 10KHits. Business plan users can now send organic traffic to their websites as long as their websites are already indexed on Google.

To use the Organic option, you must have a Business plan. For a limited time, you can upgrade to Business plan here: https://www.10khits.com/pricing with promo code: JUL200 for an additional 200,000 traffic points for FREE!

Organic traffic will show up in web analytic tools as Organic medium with google as the source. Keywords are not available with this feature and will show up as (not provided).

When you add your website, paste the link that you wish to promote in the URL and scroll down the page to the traffic source to select Organic.

add site

Click the “Fetch URL” button to see if your link is indexed by Google or not.

Fetch URL

If your site is found on Google, there will be a “Success!” status below it. You are all done!

Configure the rest of your campaign settings and add the site to run it. Here is a rundown of the different statuses you may see:

  1. Success! – You can use this link with Organic traffic option.
  2. Not indexed – Your website is not indexed by Google according to our system. Click the “Manual Fetch” button to learn how to double check in case our system missed it.
  3. Not found – Your website does not exist. Make sure your website is online and open to the public.
  4. Error – You did not paste the correct long indirection link. You can retry and follow the directions in the popup.

Disclaimer: The Organic traffic feature is currently in beta. Please report any issues you experience via support ticket.

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