Top 10 SEO Mistakes You Must Never Make

Saturday, April 30th, 2016

SEO mistakes

You have thought about it and decided that you are going to concentrate on SEO as the main means of sending traffic to your site. You implement a few SEO strategies, but your site, regardless of the improved rankings still comes up on the fourth or fifth page. You might be making some costly SEO mistakes, 10 of which will be discussed below. If you do not have your site already but you intend to, then you are in luck because as they say, why make a mistake that others before you have made. This is an opportunity to learn from the mistakes others have made.


Not utilizing great web design for links

You have a well-designed site, probably a custom site or a site built on a template that is popular. Question is; are you taking advantage in order to get links? There exist numerous web design galleries that can link to your site simply for possessing great design with the overall effect of boosting the rankings of your site.


Content that is not link worthy

You might have great content. Bravo! But is it link worthy? Will other people actually want to link to your content. Watch it! Make sure the content you come up with is top notch and link worthy.


Overemphasis on link quantity at the expense of link quality

One quality link from a relevant blog that is popular might be more helpful than thousands of poor quality directory based links. Quality is simply paramount. You will sweat to get them that is for sure, but they could do magic for your traffic.


Poor content

This is totally a no brainer. There is no way you can have poorly content and expect any results.


Lack of anchor text in links:

‘This post’ or ‘click here’ are good examples of links without anchor text. They are a waste from an SEO viewpoint as you lose the glorious opportunity of customizing anchor text, one of the fundamentals of SEO.


Anchor text repetition in all links

Do not re-use the same anchor text for each and every link. It sucks juice from your content and makes it seem funny. Rumor has it that it can also hurt with the search engines. As a rule of thumb, do not re-use a keyword over 50% overall.


Lack of unique titles

This is a devastating mistake. All your pages should have some uniqueness; it increases the rating of your site not to mention that page titles are shared in tweets and used as bookmarks.


Not utilizing analytics to know what converts

You do not want traffic for fame only! You want conversion. Do not get tangled up in traffic sending phrases. Phrases considered as low traffic due to their specificity have better conversion. First page ranking for a few of these phrases can push up sales considerably.


Optimizing for the wrong keywords

You must optimize for right, relevant keywords according to what you offer. Don’t go for generic keywords. They will only get you visitors who are not interested in what you have to offer. Be specific, it will do you much good in the long run.


Local search optimization

If your customers are region specific, that is what you should focus on. Use keywords that are region specific. Include local addresses and phone numbers. Finally, list yourself on sites that are locally based such as Google places.

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