How it works?

10KHits offers three different plans: Basic (Free), Pro ($10/mo) and Business ($29/mo). If you are a Basic member, you’ll receive your 100 sign up points upon sign up. You’ll also earn 80% of each hit back to your available points balance. If you don’t have the time or resources to surf, you can purchase one of our subscription plans for 50,000 – 200,000 monthly traffic points and receive 120% – 200% of each hit back to your websites depending on your subscription plan.

10KHits is a scalable traffic exchange that lets you decide how long you want your visitors to stay on your website from 10 seconds (1 point per hit) to 60 seconds (6 points per hit). Each point is equivalent to a 10 second visit.

To start earning points and receiving hits, you’ll need to download and run our recommended program called10KHits Exchanger. You can also surf directly from our website (not recommended).

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How come I can’t resume a campaign that reached its hits limit?

If the hits limit of a campaign has been reached, it will remain paused until you increase the hits limit and resume the campaign again. The hits limit is used to prevent the URL from receiving more hits than you want it to receive. You can change the hits limit anytime you like. Go to the URL campaign settings and increase the number under “Stop traffic after reaching a limit” or you can select “Send as much traffic as possible”.


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