40% OFF Leap Year Deals for 1,000,000 Points and Business Plan!

Leap Year Promo Code

This month, we celebrate the Leap Year which adds an extra day to February to keep the calendar synchronized with the seasonal year. This only happens every four years! Give your business or website a leap in visitors with 40% OFF 1,000,000 Points Booster Pack or Business plan when you place a new order! Use the promo code below:


For a limited time only, you can get 1,000,000 points for $40.8 or Business plan for $17.4 for the first month. You can SAVE $27.2 or $11.6 on each order!  This special offer is active now and will expire on Leap Day (February 29th).

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What are the key advantages for using 10KHits?

Besides all the wonderful things we mentioned before like visit duration, we also offer scalability and features such as maximum hits per hour, white label traffic and geo-location.

Maximum hits per hour lets you decide on a maximum limit for the amount of hits you want to receive per hour for your campaigns. Whether you want to use up your points quickly or slowly, you can choose from 5 hits to 500 hits per hour.

If you are a traffic reseller, you may want to upgrade to our Pro or Business plan as it includes white label traffic. White label traffic allows you to mask where your traffic comes from. For example, instead of showing the hits you received as 10KHits (default setting), you can customize the source so that it shows up as your company/business name or make it show up as anonymous/direct traffic in Google Analytics.

With the business plan, you’ll be able to select the geo-location for your traffic. You can set up your campaigns to receive traffic from countries where it is most abundant on our network such as United States, France, Vietnam, Indonesia and Vietnam.

Another key advantage that all plans have is booster packs. You can scale any plan to whatever size you want by buying extra website slots that will lasts 30 days or add extra traffic points to your account each month. Whether you need an additional 40 website slots on your free account or 10,000,000 traffic points on your Pro account, all your needs can be fulfilled with 10KHits booster packs.

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Do you offer bigger plans than the Business plan?

The biggest plan we offer is our Business plan however you can scale it by adding multiple booster packs to make your plan as big as you’d like. For example, you can buy the Business plan and purchase 5 booster packs of the 40 extra URL slots and 5 booster packs of the 1,000,000 extra points. As long as you are subscribed to these booster packs, you’ll have 200 extra URL slots and 5,000,000 points on top of your Business account every month.

To buy booster packs go to the Upgrades tab from the left sidebar of the dashboard and scroll to the bottom of the page. Click on the Subscribe button of the booster pack you want to purchase and pay using one of the payment systems available.

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