Why Facebook is THE Must have Tool for Your Business

facebook must have

There was a time when setting up a business was a daunting task and required a lot of capital investment. However, digital revolution has affected the way business is done especially for people with big dreams and little resources aka entrepreneurs. One social media website that stands out in particular is Facebook. It does not matter what the size of a business is, Facebook is an essential tool to make your business stand out and grow. People have been predicting the downfall of Facebook but it seems that it is sticking around.

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8 Ways Pinterest Is Your New Best Friend

increase traffic through Pinterest

Pinterest has been around for a long time and yet no one ever talks about how kickass the website really is. Not only is it pretty to look at with all the beautiful pictures of just about everything on this planet, we believe it can substitute as a friend for you. Here is how:

Organizing Your Life: You will see thousands of images on the app, which will make your eyes pop. The app conveniently lets you make different boards to sort out the images, and then even board sections to pin your favorites to try them out later. Because who has time to try all the pins that you saved? Just like a friend to keep reminding you what is it that you really love.

Bringing You Ideas: Decorating your house? Looking for a New Recipe? Stumped for Ideas? You can search the app for latest trends, colors and if you like something, you can use the visual search option to see more things related to it.

Makes You LOL: Just like a friend, Pinterest is full of funny memes, anecdotes, and jokes from all over the internet, making you laugh until your eyes water. With the new short video feature, you can also see short gif like videos within the app. More fun!

Takes You Shopping: Like previously said, if you like something in an image the zoom in option lets you select individual items and many a times you can add it to your cart of the supplier right from within the app.

Making You Try New Crazy Stuff: Who doesn’t have a friend who has made them do crazy stuff against your better judgement but you do it because that is what friends are for. Well, Pinterest seems to have a magic wand by which it brings out the DIYer in all of us. From making us want to try out the new recipe to building our own furniture, it takes us out of our comfort zone.

Makes You Look Better: Imagine if you are out trying on a new shirt and wondering what will go with it? The visual search option on the app lets you take a picture of it and see what others have paired it with thus solving your problem.

Plan A Surprise: Most of our sercret plans are made with our friends, brainstorming for ideas, planning the décor. However, Pinterest also lets you make a board and then keep it secret so that it is not visible on your profile and only you can see it. This way you can look up ideas for the surprise and keep them in there, away from prying eyes.

No Pressure For Being the Best: Last but not the least, you love your friend even if he is a werido or a loner. Unlike all other websites, no one cares how many followers you have or who you are following thus allowing you to be yourself.

Happy Pinning !

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10 common mistakes that we make in social media marketing management

social media marketing

Social media has evidently become one of the greatest platforms to do internet marketing. With the huge popularity of Social media like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat and others, it is thought to be a huge mistake not to use these sites to place your advertisement or fan page.  But you need proper techniques and strategies to manage social media marketing.

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