10 common mistakes that we make in social media marketing management

Thursday, January 4th, 2018

social media marketing

Social media has evidently become one of the greatest platforms to do internet marketing. With the huge popularity of Social media like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat and others, it is thought to be a huge mistake not to use these sites to place your advertisement or fan page.  But you need proper techniques and strategies to manage social media marketing. Error in any of these can cost your campaign.  Following some common mistakes that people make in social media marketing management:

  1. Where is the commercial perspective in your social media page?

You are creating a fan page for an organic reach on the social with the target of making more business. This is not a profile page where you bluntly give all details of your contacts. Your fan page should be created for company promotion; like for example how you are unique, what kind of additional services you provide, what is new in your product category, the success rate of your company, current event that you are hosting and all other interactive contents. A social media fan page should contain interaction possibilities besides relevant information.

  1. Have you decided on any streamlined activity with your social media platform?

Small to medium size business as well as bloggers and celebrities often think that just by creating a social media page will make them popular. It is not so. You need to listen, discuss and measure. You need adequate resources and skills to coordinate, measure, scale, track, analyze and predict your ROI through this platform. This is possible and this should be the target. In fact, social media is hub for generating leads. If you are creating a social media page then this should be your target.

  • Have you thought of building a relationship with your leads or consumers? Build relationship with your leads: your primary vision for social media Of course, all roads lead to Rome! This is a strategy for an effective promotion and sales. Social media gives a unique opportunity to create trust building among a pool of visitors or leads or consumers unlike any other platform. You can utilize it for relationship building on a massive scale with lesser effort. Initiating open discussion forums about relevant topics like your product or an event you hosted creates a kind of illusion on the customer’s front that they know this brand or company. Every one prefers and feels safe to buy from a retailer who discusses his product.
  1. Is your content suitable enough for a social media platform?

People, who use social media, look out for some entertainment, fun, inspiration or interesting contents. Serious tags lines and contents targeted for company promotion will not make your web page popular on this kind of platform. If users are searching for serious business they will use the search engines. Your social media content should have a magic to it like catchy images, a video telling your story in a fun way, something useful and extra to your users like a free download. Your content type will entice them to visit your website.

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