Why Facebook is THE Must have Tool for Your Business

Monday, August 3rd, 2020

facebook must have

There was a time when setting up a business was a daunting task and required a lot of capital investment. However, digital revolution has affected the way business is done especially for people with big dreams and little resources aka entrepreneurs. One social media website that stands out in particular is Facebook. It does not matter what the size of a business is, Facebook is an essential tool to make your business stand out and grow. People have been predicting the downfall of Facebook but it seems that it is sticking around. Not only that, it continues to be the most used social media site and not maintaining a strong presence on it is tantamount to suicide. So why is it so great?

Small Businesses & Facebook- Match Made in Heaven: Like said above, the size of a business does not matter. Numerous successful startups embarked on their journey from a single Facebook page. It no longer matters if you have any money to start a store, by creating a Facebook page you can start your business if you have an idea.

  • Keep Your Money In Your Wallets: What does it cost to make a Facebook page? You do not need to hire a logo designer or a page manager initially, all you need to make start off is a Facebook business profile. Use simple photos of your work or product and market it yourself. Get friends, family to promote you initially, and you have a small business going without any money spent on marketing.
  • Reviews Tab: To bring credibility to your business, have your customers review your products on your page. People are more likely to try businesses, which are tried and tested than taking a blind gamble. Nothing is better than word of mouth to drive sales further.

Growing Your Business With Facebook: Facebook is not only a great marketing tool for small business but for everyone. Facebook can be used as a standalone marketing and selling tool for your business or in conjunction with other platforms. You can take your business to new heights by using Facebook through following ways:

  • Advertising on Facebook is one of the quite economical means compared to other mediums. You can use the Facebook insights to what is clicking with your fans and incorporate it in your content.
  • Because the news feeds are customized that means that you need to create content which is actually liked by your fans so as to stay on their news feed. Merely posting everyday will not increase your visibility.
  • Use Facebook targeting tools to specifically target a small or niche group.
  • Share stories about the industry on your page to show that your company is in sync with latest happenings. Engage with fans on posts, start discussions and post about upcoming events or launches.
  • Facebook is one of the oldest social media sites thus age demographic of its users is a lot more diverse. You are more likely to reach mom and pops by a Facebook page than any other social media platform.

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