Which One is Better For You: SEO or PPC?

Monday, August 2nd, 2021


Unless you were living under a rock for the last decade or so, you know the impact online marketing has on a business success. Every business, no matter the size, has realized how crucial it is to have a well thought out digital marketing strategy. With this realization comes the next most common question. Which one should I be using, SEO or PPC? Is there a single right answer to this question? No, because what is right depends upon the situation and time. However, let’s dive a little deeper into these two search engine marketing (SEM) strategies.

What is SEO & PPC?

SEO or search engine optimization is about getting organic traffic to your website. It is about making your website rank higher in the major search engine results like google, yahoo etc.

Whereas PPC or Pay per click is targeted traffic that you direct to your website by paying for keywords associated with your business to appear higher in search engine results.

Now that you have the basic understanding of the two terms, let’s read the pros and cons of each.

SEO: Starting with the advantages:

  • Cost Effective: It is technically free in the sense that SEO traffic is built over long term but no immediate money is spent on getting clicks on your website.
  • Long Lasting: Results from SEO are long lasting and sustainable. They will keep getting your website traffic even after you stop putting effort in it.
  • Branding: Your business is put in front of the visitors when they search for the keywords, not only building awareness but also helps in branding.
  • Better CTR: People are more likely to click on your website when it shows up in organic research because of the perceived element of credibility. This leads to an improved click through rate (CTR).

There are certain cons attached to SEO as well. It can be slow to get traffic if you are new in the business and can be extremely time and resource consuming.

PPC: The pros associated with PPC or sponsored or paid ads are:

  • Top of the List: PPC ads are always displayed on the top of the search page, above the natural unpaid search results lending visibility to your website.
  • Faster Results: PPC campaign can be up and running within days and can deliver immediate results. This can also help in testing of new products.
  • Budget: If you have even a little bit of budget, you can invest in PPC advertising. It allows you to work within a set limit.

As the name suggest, PPC needs constant money to keep up and even though costs are usually small, but they can add up quickly.

Which One? It depends on the type of business and the situation. If a business is new, PPC is the way to start. In case of lower competition, business will be better off with spending some time on SEO and getting natural results.

If you need results now, PPC is the answer. If you have no budget, SEO is your only way to go.

In an ideal clear marketing strategy, SEO and PPC should be used in conjugation to get best results.

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