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Sunday, November 1st, 2015

instagram traffic

When built properly, a website is in fact a tool to get a lucrative income. However, this is not going to be the case if the owner of the website does not know how to promote his site effectively. Speaking of effective website promotion, a site owner can actually make good use of Instagram. This is a social platform that has been gaining higher and higher popularity within the past couple of years. In order to use Instagram to successfully promote his site, the owner of a website may want to pay attention to the tips that are going to be described below.


Make a Compelling Bio

Like it or not, a website owner has to get through all the hassles to make his Instagram bio look as compelling as possible. This is because the bio is very important, solely because it is the only place where a user of the social platform is allowed to place a link. Without this link, how is a site owner supposed to promote his website, right? In order to make his bio look compelling, a site owner needs to make sure that his bio does not contain information that is too long since compelling does not necessarily mean long.


Always Count On Crystal Clear Photographs

Unlike on Facebook or Twitter, photographs play a key role on Instagram. It is, after all, the social network site that contains images mostly. This is why a site owner should always promote his blog using photographs that are crystal clear, otherwise no one will be interested in taking a look at the photographs.


Use Texts When Necessary

Even though Instagram is a social networking site of photographs, there are times when it is actually necessary for a site owner to use texts as well. Speaking of these texts, the site owner may want to take some rather interestingly sounding quotes from his website. This quote can be used to keep company the photographs the site owner posts on the site.


Try and Find Followers

On Instagram, a website owner will never be able to increase traffic to his website if he himself does not try to find any followers first. The more followers he has on Instagram, the more traffic his site will receive. To find a follower, a site owner can simply look for an Instagram user that dwells in a niche similar to his.


Make Good Use of Hash Tags But Be Wise

Hash tags on Instagram are like keywords on Google Search. The people connected through Instagram always try to find things by typing in hash tags that may prove to be relevant to the things they are looking for. Therefore, a website owner should give hash tags to the images and texts he posts, too. However, he needs to be wise. If he uses too many hash tags, both Instagram and its members will think of the site owner as a spammer and that site owner’s membership on the site may even get terminated.


Don’t Post Just Once a Day

When selling something, a person needs to promote the thing he sells multiple times. The same goes for a website owner. He needs to promote his site more than once a day. However, just like mentioned above, he must not post too many times or he will be taken as a spammer.

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