Five Benefits of Google Analytics for Your WordPress Blog

Tuesday, September 27th, 2016

Google Analytics Benefits WordPress

Google Analytics gives WordPress users an excellent way to monitor the performance of their blogs online. However, not many WordPress users, both business and bloggers are using Google Analytics. If you aren’t using Google Analytics then there are benefits that your website or blog could be missing. Here is somewhat of a reminder of five benefits of Google Analytics for WordPress Blogs.


It lets you keep tabs on the outcome of social engagement

One of the reasons why many online businesses and even bloggers use WordPress is because it is social media friendly. Social engagement is a vital part of blogging. In order to get the best out social engagements, you must be able to track performance and productivity. One of the latest features of Google Analytics; Social Analytics lets you track each social network but in one convenient dashboard. Social Analytics helps you monitor the response your blog is getting from social networks in addition to the exact strategy that are beneficial to your blog or business on WordPress.


Google Also enables bloggers on WordPress to determine the quality, quantity and value of conversions that they achieve from each social network. This way, WordPress users can be able to identify which social network is more productive and take action in respect to the results they would want.


Google analytic measures the impact of mobile gadget browsing on your blog

A big chunk of internet consumers use mobile phones and other hand held devices. Since WordPress is by default mobile friendly, you can keep track on the impact that internet consumers using mobile devices have on your WordPress blogs.


Analyze performance of your content

It is understood that the biggest traffic driver to your blogs is the content.  For a blog to remain relevant and interesting there should be fresh content. You can then use content analysis features to identify which content gets more engagement as well as which posts get viewed the most. This way, you can tell which topics your visitors like that will eventually turn into conversions.


Monitors ad performance

If you are advertising your blogs or even hosting ad banners, Google Analytics will let you keep tabs on the various advertising channels you use for your blog including social ads, search ads, banner ads, emails and affiliates. While monitoring ads for your blogs, you can determine which keywords have a higher conversion. If you are using AdWords on your WordPress blogs, you can determine the conversion rates of the landing pages.


Monitor conversion rates

Finally yet importantly in the list of five benefits of Google analytics for WordPress Blogs is determining your blogs conversion rate. Most businesses are using blogs to generate links, which in turn result to conversions. If this is your strategy – and it is a good one – it is capital sin not to track conversion rate. You should know which words let to which specific page, the bounce rate on your blogs, returning visits, new visits and the demographics of your visitors. This way, you can tailor your blogs to better target your segment of interest in the market.


Although many WordPress users prefer using web-statistics plug-ins, they are not as thorough and detailed as Google Analytics. Other than the five benefits of Google Analytics for WordPress blogs listed, the tool is more reliable and consistent than any analytics tool you would use.

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