How to Increase Traffic to Your Blog with Instagram

Saturday, August 15th, 2015

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If you own a blog but your blog is not performing up to your expectations, then it means you are doing something wrong with the blog. Perhaps the design is not interesting enough to visitors or perhaps you just do not know how to promote your blog in an effective way. Most of the time, the problem that a blog owner has to deal with is the latter, the promotion thing. Well, speaking of promotion, it is always a good idea to promote a blog by making good use of Instagram. In case you are not aware, Instagram is a social platform where pictures play a key role in connecting millions of people from all different parts of the globe. To succeed in increasing your blog traffic with Instagram, here are a number of things you are supposed to do.


Pay Attention to Your Instagram Bio

A lot of Instagram members out there simply do not realize just how important their Instagram bio is. To be honest, it is one of the most important elements that a blog owner should pay attention to. It is, after all, the one and only place where a blog owner can possibly redirect his Instagram followers to his blog. It is only on his Instagram bio page that a blog owner can place a URL. Thus, he should do his best to make his bio as interesting as possible, while keeping it brief.


Don’t Use Low Quality Images

As mentioned earlier, on Instagram, pictures play a key role. As such, it needs no questioning that every single image posted on the site should have a high quality. This will attract other Instagram members, which may well lead to likes, comments and even questions afterwards. This gives the blog owner a chance to talk about his blog with other Instagram members.


Texts Are Good to Accompany Images

While posting an image on Instagram, a website owner may also want to consider writing some accompanying texts. The more interesting the texts are, the better it will be for the website owner. One good idea here is to take some rather quirkily sounding quotes that the blog owner can find from within his blog.


Acquire As Many Followers As Possible

Without followers, a blog owner will not gain any benefits from Instagram. It is only with the presence of followers that a blog owner can possibly promote his blog and invite visitors to that blog. Thankfully, it is not necessarily difficult to acquire followers. A blog owner simply needs to find an Instagram user that does business in a similar niche to his and then starts following that user. In no time at all, the blog owner will start getting followers of his own, too.


Benefit from Hash Tags

It is of utmost importance that a blog owner harnesses the benefits of hash tags. To make things easier, a blog owner can simply consider hash tags as keywords. Hash tags are used by most, if not all, Instagram members to find other members existing on the site. So, a blog owner is supposed to use relevant hash tags. Yet, he also needs to make sure he does not use an excessive amount of hash tags on his Instagram posts.

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