Hallmarks of a Great Website For Business

Monday, February 3rd, 2020

hallmarks of great website

A website is the face of your business to the world and everyone wants to make a lasting impression. What differentiates one website from another? Every business has a website these days but are they all achieving their goal? Just having a website for the sake of having one is not adding any value to your business when you can use it as a great marketing tool, create brand awareness and build relationships.

Define The Purpose: So you decided to make a website for your business. Before building a website, answer a question. What is the purpose of it? It sounds like a simple question with an obvious answer but is often overlooked.

  • Do you just want your website build relationship with your customers and update them about latest developments? Use a newsletter, subscribe option.
  • Are you a physical store, which wants to branch into online selling as well? Have clear navigation to the store.
  • Or you just want to inform the customers about your services and have them contact you? Provide clear, multiple contact options.

Key Characteristics of an Amazing Website: After clearly defining the purpose as per your business needs, comes the main part of actually making the website. The most viewed business website usually have some common characteristics, which are not that tricky to adopt. Web design is the process through which we can ensure a kickass website and the main things to keep in mind are:

  • Well Structured Design: One of the rookies mistakes to make when designing a website is focusing just on the content and not thinking of how you are going to display it. Content should be easy to read, organized in a way that navigation through it is a breeze and conveys the purpose without much effort.
  • Modern Spartan Design: this is the age of minimalism. Your potential customers do not want to go through a sensory overload when visiting your website. It can be said that less is definitely more when it comes to an optimal website.
    1. Few fonts
    2. Neutral, 3-4 colors
    3. Small pictures
  • Easily Usable from Mobile Devices: Now that the mobile phones have become main stream and everyone seems to have it, optimizing your website for mobiles is one of the basic and crucial requirements.
  • Fast Loading: In this fast-paced world, no one has the time to wait for a website to load. Do not use large images, flash, animation without a purpose. Make sure that the code used is light and the server can handle the bandwidth needed for your website.
  • Updated Original Content: Web design works together with content. It is important to have fresh content for your website with keywords to make the most of SEO.
  • FAQ & Contact Page: People are going to have questions about your products and it makes more sense to add in a FAQ page rather than replying to every query. Many people will not even bother to ask and will just leave. Having contact numbers or options clearly displayed also develops trust and reliability.

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