Geotargeting in PPC: How does it work?

Thursday, November 2nd, 2017

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PPC as we all know is Pay Per Click kind of advertisements that online shopping centers and businesses post with organic search engines like Google. Google gives you some high strung or most in demand keywords of relevance to your content depending on how much you are willing to pay per click. The highest of the bidders receive the best and functional keywords. This helps your website to reach the top ranks of the SERP; be visible and be clickable. With clickabilty comes the opportunity of more business. In this context, comes the concept of Geotargeting. Following are certain points which explains Geotargeting in PPC and why do you deploy it:

  1. Geotargeting, as the term explains, is basically targeting audience based on geography or location. This means that your website will be visible to only those people who access the internet from a particular area or locality or city or country.
  2. Geotargeting is wise if you do not have the option of doing a global business. This option is available with Adwords. You can choose Geotargeting and select a locality or city in that case. For example, if you are running small localized restaurants with chains only in a particular country or you are in delivery business that is restricted between certain countries only, and then Geotargeting would be good decision.
  • Geotargeting saves money. In cases discussed in the previous point, being visible and clickable by the global traffic would not bring you more business; instead it will decrease your ROI. In technical terms they call it wasted clicks. It might deplete your ad budget by buying you some unnecessary web traffic.
  1. Geo-targeted PPC can bring you huge profit since it will be sending you that web traffic that can actually access your product. You can say that the web traffic has been sieved and sorted at least on the preliminary level.

Geotargeting is by no means easy on technicality because an IP Address does not bear an area code. Following are some ways by how Geotargeting is employed:

  1. Ad servers usually do not do it by themselves. They outsource it to Geolocation companies like Digital Envoy.
  2. Actually there are ISP’s that can be analyzed for location. Each of these ISP contains a range of IP addresses. No two addresses in two different IPs are similar. This makes the job of online Geotargeting a bit simpler.
  • A huge database is prepared where the IP Address is linked to its country and area and even postal code. This can be done when the IP Address accesses the web or any particular website.
  1. Based on the database, the visitor is allowed to see only those ads which are location-wise relevant to him. Of course, the website owner or advertisement giver has to specify on geotargeted PPC.

On the user’s front, it is a simple interface. In AdWords, you have a search option to select your country and area for a Geotargeted PPC. Else you can select various options under the ‘Campaign settings’ tab.

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