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Tuesday, September 29th, 2015

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In order to make a living these days, there are plenty of ways that a company can choose. One of these ways is to use a website. However, in order for a website to generate income for the owner, it needs to have a great design. Speaking of great design for a website, it is recommended that a company pays attention to some of the following tips. If these tips are implemented properly, the website produced in the end will have more than just a great design. It will have the ability to attract an ever increasing number of visitors that will be more than happy to spend a long time browsing the website.


Is the Website Mobile-Friendly?

This is one very important question that every website owner should ask himself these days. This is because the number of people browsing a website using their mobile device keeps on increasing over time. Statistics even show that the number of mobile users are higher than desktop users today.


Is the Website Responsive Enough?

In order to attract visitors, a website needs to have a short loading time. The shorter it takes to load a page on the site, the more responsive visitors will think the site is. If a page takes a few minutes to load, there is no doubt visitors will stop waiting for the page to load and simply go to competitors’ sites instead.


What Are the Resolutions Used?

A good website needs to be able to switch among multiple devices and platforms without any serious issues at all. For that to happen, a website needs to cover the basic set of resolutions most commonly used by a lot of mobile devices as well as desktop computers. In this case, it is best for a website to cover a resolution between 480 pixels and 768 pixels.


Are the Images Used Highly Adjustable?

A good website is a website that uses only highly adjustable images. This means that the images should not become a mess no matter if the website is being viewed from a desktop computer or a mobile phone. In order to generate highly adjustable images, a webmaster can always take advantage of such a tool as the Adaptive Images.


Are the Site and Its Contents Well Compressed?

There are numerous reasons why a website owner will have to think about compressing his site and the contents within it. For one, this will make it easier to transfer the site and its data across multiple networks. This is because the data becomes very small after compression. This is particularly important for users with low internet bandwidth. To compress a website and its data, people can use such a tool as the GZIP.


Are There Any Extra Contents That Are Useless?

It is often the case that a website owner does not realize just how many extra contents with no use exist within his website. These extra contents can really start to become a problem if they are not taken care of. Rather than letting them be, it is best to dispose of these extra contents. They are useless anyway.

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