Do I Need Twitter Followers?

Friday, July 22nd, 2016

Twitter Followers

Most small business owners are still asking whether they need Twitter accounts, let alone followers on Twitter. Without realizing it, such businesses are leaving a large audience uninformed about your business. Out of this audience, 60% is your business’ potential customers. If you are asking yourself, ‘do I need followers on Twitter?’

Here is why you should be working to have a massive following on Twitter.

Twitter is unlike all the others.

Most business owners think that having an account on only one social media network is enough to carry out an effective social media marketing campaign. Just because a business has a presence on Facebook, Instagram or Pinterest is not sufficient to cover all the bases. Twitter is so much unlike all other social networking platforms. Twitter users have built a remarkable culture that could be beneficial in growing and establishing your brand. Things like follow Friday’s, hash tags, tweet ups and Klout scores could put your business out there.

Efficient marketing

Having more followers on Twitter is akin to having more people viewing your post every time you put something on Twitter. Out of the numerous followers that are mostly likely to see your post, a good number of them are sure to take any action possible, which includes re-tweeting, tagging other followers or better still, following links to your website. This will ensure that you have a profitable return on investment you have made in social media marketing.

It reads ‘endorsed.’

Nothing reads approved more than many followers on Twitter. In short, having many followers on Twitter adds credibility to your business. A 2015 study on Social Media Effects on small and medium businesses shows that shoppers felt better and more confident after reading about a company on Twitter. The confidence levels were higher for companies with more followers on their Twitter accounts.

Stronger far-reaching networks

Twitter makes it easy for users to build relationships with one another and with people with the same interests. Businesses that are focused on building relationships rather than just extracting the last coin from their customers tend to make more conversions and have more customers. With such a capacity, it would be more meaningful to have more followers since the networks would be more far-reaching.

How to get more followers on Twitter

Having looked at benefits that your business stands to gain from having many followers on Twitter, I know the question in your mind has changed from ‘Do I need followers on Twitter?’ to ‘How do I get more followers on Twitter?’ Well here is how to garner favorable followers on Twitter.

Follow more people

The more people you follow, the easier it is to get followed. There is a direct correlation between some people you support and some followers.

Be consistent.

Consistent in content quality and posting intervals not only makes you engaging and visible but also increases your follower count.

Use Twiends

Listing you business’ account on platforms like Twiends exposes you to Twitter users with similar interests.

Engaging content

Let whatever you post on Twitter be engaging. Use witty and informative tweets and your account will be flooding with followers. People like to be informed and entertained.

Your business has a lot to benefit from having a Twitter account and a lot more if the account has a huge following. You will lose nothing if you take up this excellent marketing tool that comes to you free.

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