5 Ways YouTube Helps You Promote Your Website

Friday, July 2nd, 2021

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Since the advent of YouTube, the world has become a different place. Time and time again other video sharing websites have been touted to overtake YouTube but that has yet to happen and YouTube is still the crowned king of video sharing. It is not only a place with videos of funny dogs and children to make us all laugh. It is quite possibly the best social media website ever and can be a great way to drive traffic to your website. Other social media platforms usually rely on pictures or words as a primary source of marketing and to connect with users, however, a video can be much more compelling. Using the below mentioned things, you can use YouTube to promote your website:

  1. Great Content Videos: People usually think that in order to use YouTube successfully for advertising you need to go viral and have millions of views. That is far from true. You need to create engaging, emotionally intelligent videos, which engross and hold the audience attention. If you have a product which needs instructions for usage, make a video of it. Aim for targeted views, people who are actually likely to take action after viewing a video. Knowing your audience is critical.
  2. Post Regularly: Start posting on regular interval on your YouTube channel to build a presence in the minds of your viewers. When people see new content being uploaded regularly, they tend to subscribe the channel. Do not just post for posting sake, make content which is relevant and will resonate with the right kind of audience. And in every post, use the description box to tell about your website or product.
  3. Use Keywords: make the most of the tools offered by the website. In the description, use keywords, add url to your website. You can also offer to have captioning or alt text to be sure to show up in search engine results.
  4. Call to Action: There is no point to putting all this effort if the viewers are not being converted into visitors to your website. Tell the people what to do and if possible, find a compelling reason of why they should do it. You can ask them to visit your website by a slide in the end, in the description box, by a dialogue in the end etc. You can also ask people to subscribe to your website by email, in which way you also get sale leads. Lastly, use the YouTube Call to action overlay feature. It is a small banner which is added to the lower half of video and tells viewer what they can do.
  5. Collaboration: Find someone who is already quite famous and influential in your sphere and try to collaborate with them. You can work to provide some content for their channel in return for some promotional downtime. This can be a bit tricky to achieve but can be a huge way to drive traffic your way because a trusted person is referring you.

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