3 useful tips for an effective geo-targeted PPC

Tuesday, March 14th, 2017

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Geotargeted PPC is often considered as a cost effective method of paid SEM. The website owner selects a physical area like a locality or city or country for online advertisements to ad servers and search engines. This means that the targeted audience has a geographical parameter to it. The ad will be visible to IP addresses and people coming out of the specified locality. Following are 5 useful tips to enhance your Geotargeted PPC campaigns:

  1. On how to choose your location: This may apparently seem to be easy but it is not so. Following are some factors that might help to draw an area for PPC campaigns:
  2. Physical location of your store
  3. The maximum area of your business
  4. The type of product you sell
  5. The type of information you are providing
  6. The kind of customers who will benefit from your product or information
  7. Select multiple zones or areas and prioritize them: It is not necessary that your selected area for Geotargeted PPC has to have a geographical continuity. You can select multiple zones which are divided by space. You can prioritize between these areas while opting for a PPC You can choose for a low bid in those areas where there is less opportunity for business. You can bid high and get high in demand keywords for those zones which are more promising businesswise. This strategy will save your ad budget exposing your website specifically to those visitors who has the most potential to become a customer. Geotargeted PPC itself saves money by cutting down on useless web traffic. Prioritizing multiple PPC zones reclassifies this strategy gaining you a better ROI.
  • Include areas which have some specific service of use to your business: This means that you should choose areas where there are other businesses or public services which may provide customers to your business also. Of course, other factors like distance from your physical store should not be extensive from these areas. For example, if you are in hotel business and there is a railway station outside one of your prioritized areas for PPC campaigns, then it is wise to include the area in your perimeter. People waiting at the station or coming to the town for few days of business might need hotels to stay for few days. Being visible in the SERP to these people, would mean business.
  1. Use keywords that indicate a specific location: This is very important if your business is location-based and you have signed for Geotargeted PPC marketing campaign. Customers looking out for location based services often search Google or Bing with a keyword string that has the mention of a specific location. Using such a keyword that can be easily imaginable, will definitely help you rise in the page rank of a SERP. This will generate more web traffic with more potential for actual business.


There are several other parameters that can help you to be successful in a PPC campaign that has been geo-localized.

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