What You Need to Know Before Buying a Keyword Strategy

Tuesday, October 11th, 2022

What You Need to Know Before Buying a Keyword Strategy

Buying an SEO strategy is like buying a car. You’ll get different options, some with more horsepower than others, at different prices. The key to success is knowing what you want and how much you’re willing to pay for it.

The process of choosing your keywords can be just as important as the words you use on your site because they determine where the website traffic will come from in Google search results pages.

A successful keyword strategy includes three main components: keywords, phrases and ad text (the words within your ads). To create a successful keyword strategy for any website or blog, follow these steps:


  1. Choose appropriate keywords that are relevant to your business
  2. Use long-tail terms when possible
  3. Use multiple variations of keywords to make your ads relevant to more searches



Choose Appropriate Keywords That are Relevant to Your Business

It’s difficult for SEO pros to argue anything but the importance of finding the right keyword phrases that will lead you to reach customers who are ready to buy.     However, don’t choose too many keywords. Companies like Google use both relevance and competition to determine which pages rank high in search results. The more relevant you are, the higher (and faster) your sites will get ranked for a specific keyword phrase. If there is little or no competition then your site could rise to the top of Google’s search results.

What makes a keyword relevant? Think about your site and select keywords that relate to the content on it and its industry. For instance, if you’re writing about new cars, using words like “car repair service” and “auto body shops near me” would be more relevant than using words like “Cadillac” and “Ford”.



Use Long-Tail Terms When Possible

Long-tail keywords are not new to SEO pros, but they are new to the general public. They focus on more specific topics that often drive better search results. A long tail keyword is one that has 3 or 4 words. Using long-tail keywords can help you stay relevant…and Google rewards it with better search results!

For instance, if your site sells safety equipment, using just the word “safety” is not as specific as using the term “fall protection equipment”. This is also related to how many words are in your keyword phrases. You can find long-tail keywords by using Google’s AdWords Keyword Planner Tool .



Use Multiple Variations of Keywords to Make Your Ads Relevant to More Searches

Think about how many different types of safety equipment you sell. There are probably thousands of products, so the more words you use, the more chances you have of showing up in a search for those phrases.

Using multiple variations of keywords will help Google find your website or blog when users are searching for different combinations of words that still relate to what your site is about. In order to do this effectively, it is important to know the competition level with each keyword phrase.

When you use multiple variations of keywords, there is a greater chance of gaining more search engine results page (SERP) visibility for your content. Here are some examples of long-tail keyword phrases that would help maximize the number of searches that you will rank for:

  • Automobile
  • New automobile
  • Used automobile
  • Car dealership
  • Los Angeles car dealerships
  • Used cars near me
  • Used cars for sale
  • Buy used cars
  • Auto insurance
  • Cheap auto insurance
  • Auto service
  • Auto parts

Keywords are the foundation of your SEO strategy and the best free website traffic generator for your website if you can rank your pages for high-volume keywords. You must make sure that you’re using keywords correctly to get your content in front of customers. But remember, it should be done naturally. It’s not about stuffing keywords into your site or blog post to get ranked for a specific keyword phrase. When you use too many keywords, Google starts suspecting that you want to game the system and your web pages will likely get ranked lower than others who meet the criteria for keywords.




The foundation of your SEO strategy is keywords, but you need to use them correctly. The more words that are in a keyword phrase the better chance you have of ranking higher for it on Google SERP’s. However, don’t overdo it as this will make Google think that you’re trying to game their system and rank lower than those who deserve higher rankings due to relevance and content quality. For help with understanding how keywords work or want assistance building an effective keyword strategy, you can try reading our countless of other articles!

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