Using Foursquare for Marketing

Thursday, June 25th, 2015

foursquare marketing

Foursquare is the king today of location based apps with more than 20 million active users. Nothing pleases Foursquare users than being the mayor of a particular place and flaunting the multiple badges that they own. Simply put Foursquare is a platform that allows users to tell the world where they are at any point during the day or night. People normally check into the locations using Foursquare on their mobile phone. After checking in there is a facility to share the same on Facebook and Twitter.

It might seem quite futile and foolish to many of us. But there are multiple brands that are making use of this platform in really interesting ways. Some of the brands are using Foursquare to offer deals and discounts to people when they check-in to their location. Other brands are using Foursquare to add value to the user when he is on the lookout and searching for multiple things within a city. Foursquare as a platform offers multiple opportunities for all kinds of businesses.

Let us look at different ways brands can use Foursquare for marketing their products.

1)  Claim the location of your business officially on Foursquare. If you are physically present somewhere, you have to be virtually present at the very same location on Foursquare. The platform offers you an option to search for the right location, add the right category and pin up your business at the exact right location on its map.

2) Offer special deals to the customers who check in to your business. If you are a restaurant, you could offer a free coffee to every person who checks in on a particular day. Or you could give them a discount on their bill. The moment they check in, the offer can pop up on their phones and they can reimburse it then and there. These tactics will ensure that multiple people check in and also share their check ins on social networks which will further add on to the people knowing about the deal and visiting the place and checking in themselves to avail the offer. It forms a viral chain. You could throw in additional offers to the person who is the Mayor of your business on Foursquare.

3)  Make a page on Foursquare from where, you can manage all the locations of your company/business. You can put up a profile picture, have a bio written and customise your company page just the way you can do it on other social media platforms.

4) Use lists on your page to group similar content together. It will help users as they can save the lists that they like and choose to look at only those instead of following all the content on your page.

5) Make sure that the Foursquare plugin is included in your website. It can help to connect your audience to Foursquare and also can give a boost to the brand’s following on Foursquare.

If you market your business in the right way on Foursquare, it could possibly influence more and more people to check you out both – due to your own marketing efforts on Foursquare and due to recommendations by their trusted friends.

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