Tips on a Good Web Design Practice

Thursday, September 17th, 2015

web design tips

One of the best ways to earn money in today’s time is to get the most out of the digital world. To do that, there are dozens of things that a person can do, one of which is to build a website. With a website, there are multiple goals that a person can pursue. For one, he can sell products via the website he builds. In addition to that, a website owner can also earn revenues by placing advertisements on his site. However, before any of these may even work, it is crucial that a website owner thinks about how he should actually design his website.


Never Underestimate Mobile Users

In the past, there might not be too many website owners that seemed to care about mobile users and their browsing experiences. Well, mobile devices were not so popular back then, after all. However, the same can’t be said today. With an ever increasing number of mobile devices and users, reaching millions as of now, a website owner should never again underestimate mobile users. Therefore, a website owner should make sure that his site is mobile friendly. Thankfully, there are plenty of tools that can help a webmaster make a mobile-friendly site.


Keep Responsiveness in Mind during Design Time

Sometimes, while building a website, a web owner may happen to get carried away with putting beautiful design elements to his website. This is even truer thanks to the massive amount of beautiful design templates in existence out there. Unfortunately, a beautiful website does not always mean a responsive website. It is quite the contrary, in fact. This is why a website owner should refrain from using too many frames, complex div-s, fancy Flash or Javascript elements and absolute positioning. All these elements will just make it complicated to adjust the site as a whole. Also, the more sophisticated elements there are involved in a website, the harder it will be for mobile users to view the website.


Pay Attention to Breakpoints

Breakpoints are a very critical web element as well. An assortment of breakpoints represents resolutions, with the most popular options comprising a 480-pixel resolution and also a 768-pixel resolution. Whereas the former suits mobile devices with a small display best, the latter is very ideal for use on larger mobile devices and also on desktop computers.


Use Flexible Images

It is very rarely the case that a website does not have any images on it. Speaking of images, however, one rule of thumb here is to make sure that the images used can be flexed up to a certain degree. Fortunately enough, there are plenty of tools out there that can offer image adjustment functions.


Enable Site Compression

The time required to access a webpage is very important. The longer it takes for a page to load, the worse the design of the page is. This is why a website owner should always enable compression of his site and the elements within it. Tools like GZIP can help do this.

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