The top 5 sure ways to increase web traffic

Sunday, September 3rd, 2017

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Web traffic is the life line of any website; be it the website of a rising talent or an established corporate house. We are on the internet to reach millions globally. But we are heavily dependent on the search engines especially the organic ones. An effective search engine optimized method can boost your website to reach the first page and if possible the first few search ranks in the results page of the search engine. Now, there are several methods that have the potential to bring substantial traffic to your website. Following are the top five ways that you can adopt to increase web traffic:

  1. Social media: It is important to have an active page in the social media like Reddit, Facebook, Twitter and others. This helps in promotion of your website. You can leave an open thread about the newly launched product and encourage discussions. People interested will definitely check your business website. Show up in these social media websites and never leave the search engine ranks. This is a kind of advertisement. Larger the number of websites you show up in the better will be your ranking among other pages and better is the possibility of being viewed.
  2. Headlines are important: It is mandatory that the headline of your content be relevant to the rest of the text; a one line description of your text; contain appropriate keywords as consulted from web analytics software; catchy and comprehensible by the target audience.
  • Keywords: Keywords the key to success. It should be well distributed in your content. Long tail keywords are known to increase the probability of your websites to be on the surface of a relevant search query. A long tail keyword actually is a very specific description of your content. Many of the surfers often write long phrases to narrow down their search in one attempt. Thus is wise and recommendable to use at least few of these keywords in your text.
  1. Create internal as well as external links: One of the most important parameters by which a search engine arranges and sorts similar contents are links. Internal links are those which you put inside your text to pin point to a particular useful section within your website. Sometimes placing links for other trustworthy and rich websites builds a kind of reputation in the internet world. Your content is marked as good and informative. External links are those which other websites places in their content to link to your website. These links are recommendations and are seen as a measure of good quality content by popular search engines like Google. You can request friends or partners who have websites where placing a link to your website is relevant.
  2. Guest blogging: Ask other bloggers to submit contents to your website. This is another sure shot way of sharing web traffic from the guests’ websites. However, make sure they do not submit spams to your site.

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