The Things That Matter While Selling on Facebook

Thursday, October 29th, 2015

Things Matter Facebook

To some people, Facebook may be nothing but a place to share about what they experience in life. Yet, to some other more creative people, Facebook is a platform where they can earn a nice amount of revenues. However, this is only possible if these people know what they are required to do and what mistakes they should avoid. Speaking of earning revenues on Facebook, here are the things that people should know about.


Short Updates Work Better Than Longer Ones

If the main goal of a person using Facebook is to sell something, he should always try his best to make his post as short yet comprehensive as possible. Short posts always work better than long posts because no one is interested in reading long posts. However, if a post is just short, or too short, it may not contain the information that the seller is actually trying to deliver to his prospective buyers. This is why the post needs to be short yet comprehensive.


Avoid Spams with Relevant Updates

If a person tries to sell stuffs on Facebook and he ends up posting updates that are not relevant to what he is trying to promote, there is quite a good chance that the person will be flagged by other Facebook users as a spammer. If there are plenty of users that flag that person, he may as well kiss his Facebook membership goodbye. This is why he should make sure his update is relevant before clicking on the submission button.


Give Out Freebies

Believe it or not, freebies have more often than not successfully lured people into buying more and more stuffs from a seller in the future. A seller has nothing to lose when he sends out freebies. For instance, if a seller is trying to sell an e-book, he does not have to give away the complete version of the e-book for free. He only needs to give away the first chapter of the e-book. Or, in certain cases, sellers may also give away the complete e-book, such as to one lucky customer that has been spending money on the seller’s products for a long time, such as a couple of years minimum.


Discount Coupons Work, Too

For sellers that are not willing to give away freebies, perhaps they may want to consider a less extreme option. This is to offer discount coupons to the customers. Since everybody loves discounts, the sellers will most likely have a lot of customers coming to him. Therefore, it is best if he can also append the codes he has on the discount coupons onto the point-of-sales system he uses in his store. Otherwise, he may not have a way to keep track of how many buyers have come from Facebook.


Interact Frequently with the Buyers

There are not few sellers out there that do not see the importance of maintaining a frequent interaction with the buyers. This is very unfortunate as it can easily cause the buyers to stop being a loyal customer to the seller and move away to the competing sellers instead. To maintain a frequent interaction, a seller can hold certain events, such as an online contest with interesting prizes.

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