Some Tips on Marketing via Facebook

Sunday, November 22nd, 2015

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There are not few people out there who are frightened when they are given instructions to market something to someone they do not know at all. Well, honestly speaking, why should anyone be afraid of anybody else? After all, all that he is supposed to do is just to ask that someone else whether or not that someone else wants to buy the product he is offering. Honestly speaking, marketing has become even much easier to carry out these days, thanks to the existence of social media platforms, with Facebook being one excellent example. But what are people supposed to do if they want to sell products successfully on Facebook?


Pay Attention to Their Facebook Updates

People will never close any deals on Facebook if they do not pay enough attention to the updates they post on Facebook. Whenever they want to post an update, they should make sure that the update is short. This is because no one is likely to become interested in reading a long status update.


In addition to being short, people will also have to make sure that their post has a high level of relevancy. This means that their post should not miss by a degree too far from the main goal, which is to promote the product that they are trying to sell.


Now, aside from being short and relevant, a post needs to sound appealing as well. To achieve that, people may want to borrow some quotes from some famous people, quotes that are somehow related to the product they are selling, quotes that may well lead people to eventually buy the products they sell.


Use Images

There are a number of benefits that people can get from images. For customers, they will be better informed if they have a visual of the thing they are being persuaded to buy. Yet, as for the sellers, they will receive more interactions for their posts if they include an image. Statistics show that people are more attracted to images than simple texts. This is why images on Facebook tend to receive higher number of comments and likes when compared to simple texts.


Discounts Rock

There has never been a time period in which people are not attracted to discounts. Be it a man or a woman, everyone seems to love getting discounts. This is why people with intention of selling stuffs on Facebook should offer discount coupons as well. These coupons may be made available for a limited time period only. If possible, a seller should also append those discount coupon codes into their point-of-sales system. The purpose of this is to find out for sure the number of customers that actually make purchases on their site after noticing their Facebook posts.


Distribute Freebies

What is better than a discount? The answer should be a free stuff. Yes, a seller can always distribute some freebies to the community. These freebies are meant to lure customers into making more purchases in the future, after all.

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