Instagram Tips on Increasing Website Traffic

Wednesday, September 2nd, 2015

instagram tips

Today, there are a lot of tools that people can use in order to increase their visibility online. One good example is to use a website. However, a website itself needs a high visibility as well before people will start swarming onto the website. In this case, people may want to take advantage of a social networking site to help increase the visibility of their website. Believe it or not, Instagram can often help people to increase traffic to their website. However, there are a few things that need attention.


Is the Instagram Bio Attractive?

Before anyone can gain visitors to their website by means of Instagram, they first have to make sure that they have an interesting bio page on Instagram. If the bio is not interesting, no one is likely to pay attention to it and ultimately, no one is likely to visit the website being promoted. After all, it is the bio page that an Instagram user can use to provide the link to his website.


Use Crystal Clear Photographs

Instagram can be considered as a social platform that is made up of photographs. Taking that into consideration, an Instagram user should always make sure that he only uses crystal clear photographs on his Instagram updates. If the image is blurry in some areas, it will no longer look appealing and it will soon be forgotten.


Use Texts to Accompany Images

While it is better for an Instagram user to post images on the social platform, it is often a wise idea as well to include some texts, too, on his posts. This will make the post more appealing, especially if the texts contain rather quirky quotes from the website being promoted.


Use Hash Tags to Your Advantage

In order to increase the traffic to a website, you should really consider harnessing the benefits of hash tags. Hash tags are the main method of Instagram users to find other people on the site. They are like the keywords that Google search engine uses to search for articles on the internet. When it comes to hash tags, they should never be used in an excessive manner. This is to prevent you from being considered as a spammer.


Get Some Followers

Followers play a key role on Instagram. Without followers, Instagram members are practically nothing. Yet, with followers, an Instagram member may evolve into a very famous person. In order to find and get some Instagram members to follow you, what you can do is to look for an Instagram member that deals in the same niche and then start following him. Believe it or not, it is only a matter of time before other Instagram members start following you as well.

So, now that you know how to increase your website traffic by taking advantage of this social platform in particular, why not put the tips into good practice?

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