How to Sell Products Effectively Using Facebook

Monday, November 16th, 2015

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In today’s time, there are actually dozens of mediums that people can possibly use to help them sell their products. One of these mediums is the social networking sites. Facebook often happens to be the social networking site of choice in this case. Well, this is really no wonder as Facebook connects millions and millions of people from all around the world. However, in order to be able to sell products effectively on Facebook, there are some things that need attention. So, here are some tips on effective product selling on this social networking site in particular.


Use Large Images

When people are offered to buy something, they will want to know for sure what kind of products they are actually buying. They want to know what the product will possibly look like. Images can help a lot in this case. However, a person trying to sell a product on Facebook should never compromise for a low quality image on his posts. Otherwise, his image is not quite likely to trigger any likes, comments or whatever interactions at all.


Use Short Posts That Are Relevant

On Facebook, short posts often prove to do better when compared to long posts. The thing about the people connected through Facebook is that they do not usually have any reasons to read long essays on the site. This is why most of them will simply leave long posts and turn their attention away to other posts. This is why a post on Facebook needs to be short and also relevant, especially if the post is trying to promote something.


Do Not Use Links All the Time

It is true that links play a key role in promoting something. Without any links at all, potent customers will not know where they should go to commit their transactions if they are interested in the product being promoted. However, there are times when a seller on Facebook should refrain from using explicit links. He can use implicit links instead, such as by hyperlinking the image that accompanies his Facebook posts.


Offer Free Stuffs

If a seller thinks that he should not risk any losses by giving away free stuffs, the seller really needs to learn about selling things yet again. Giving away free stuffs does not necessarily mean bearing losses. For instance, if a seller is trying to sell a piece of computer software on Facebook, he can give away the trial version of his software to anyone on Facebook who seems interested in the software. This trial version does not have to run forever, there can be a time limit applied to it. Or, it can have limited features. This actually increases the odds of the customers eventually making a complete purchase of the software.


Engage Frequently in a 2-Way Interaction

To succeed in selling things on Facebook, a seller should try to communicate with his fans in two ways. The seller can ask and answer questions related to his product. In addition to that, he can also organize such an event as an online contest. This can help the seller maintain his present customers and also attract new customers at the same time.

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