How to Market Your Business on Facebook

Tuesday, July 26th, 2016

Facebook Business

Since the inauguration of Facebook, almost everything has changed from the way people are in contact and now Facebook has completely changed the way business are conducted to the present date. It won’t be a revelation to you to learn that Facebook is the number one social media platform being used by many businesses. In fact, 41% of small businesses are using Facebook as a tool to their online marketing.

This article digs deep into utmost ingredients of Facebook marketing, to give you and other business owners’ insightful enlightenment pointers and best practices for each.  These sections are:


Set up your Facebook Business Page

Your Facebook page makes your business and it is the kick-off point for all your Facebook marketing undertaking. Make sure your page is discoverable so that it can it can be painless found in Facebook search with your customers and prospects.


Optimize the Images of your Page

The first thing that your customers and visitors will see when they arrive on your page is your cover and profile pictures. The pictures on your page should be standard and professional. They should bear the resemblance of the look and feel of your trademark realistically. Don’t make them appear skewed. Just meet the optimal size requirements.


Make Good use of Facebook Groups to Engage with Your Target Market

Despite the fact pages are the traditional tool that businesses should use to market their businesses on Facebook, using groups can be credible add-on tactic in several industries and niches. Groups can be a breathtaking source of traffic besides can lead to spiral engagement and dominance of your business if they are used correctly. You can establish yourself as a command in your field by simply participating in other people’s industry-related groups.


Rally Social Sharing Through the Use of Facebook Buttons and Plug-ins

One thing you should not forget, your Facebook page should work perfectly consistent with one another. Probably, your marketing will pipe traffic from your Facebook page to your blog or website. Not only would this but you like to give your visitors a chance to share your engaging content on the Facebook and interface with your page. Each piece of content on your blog or website should have a like and share button.


When and How to Post

There has been some research, which was conducted on when, and how to post content on Facebook page for optimal attention and exposure. Fortunately or unfortunately, there is no one-size-fits-all approach. That’s the bitter truth. Nevertheless, it has been suggested that the best days for Facebook posting is on Thursdays and Fridays because the two days may result in higher engagement. When it comes to time, it seriously varies, however, if you’re a novice to this 1pm and 3pm are best times to start your experiment.



Raise awareness, stay connected and drive sales by creating Facebook ads. You can create targeted adverts for different audiences depending on their fancy, locality and much more or you can decide to promote your posts for maximum exposure.

Facebook is an exceptionally potent platform for uncovering and absorbing target market. It can help increase traffic and conversions if used without error.

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