How to Implement a Good Design to a Website

Tuesday, August 18th, 2015

good website design

The internet is very easily accessible to plenty of people in this world today. As such, more and more entrepreneurs out there are increasing their income by means of nothing but a website. Nonetheless, it is utterly important to keep in mind that this will not be possible unless these entrepreneurs know for sure how to build a well-designed website that lasts. In order to implement a good design to a website, here are several things that an entrepreneur is supposed to know.


Mobile Users Exist in a Massive Number

Because there are plenty of mobile users out there on the planet to date, it is preferable if a website is accessible not only to desktop computer users but also to these mobile users. After all, the larger the number of users there is, the bigger the chances an entrepreneur will get in terms of selling his products or services. To make a website accessible by both mobile and desktop users, an entrepreneur can always such a tool as Weebly. This toll adjusts a website in such a way that it becomes friendly to mobile devices as well.


Responsiveness Is Crucial

This is something that no entrepreneurs should doubt about. Like it or not, most, if not all, people or visitors will always pay attention to how responsive a website is. If it turns out that the website takes a very long time even just to respond to a very simple command, this is a clear sign that the website does not feature a good design.


Focus on the More Commonly Used Resolutions

Rather than making sure that their website will run on all resolutions, it is much better for entrepreneurs to make sure that their website can handle the most commonly used screen resolutions. These screen resolutions consist of the 480-pixel and the 768-pixel screen resolutions. When a website can handle the resolutions within this range, it is safe to say that the website will not run into any troubles when viewed either from a mobile device or a computer.


Always Choose Adjustable Over Standard Images

In order to qualify as a website with a good design, a website must make use of adjustable images. This means that the images need to have their size fully flexible, paying attention to the device that is accessing the website. Thankfully, to achieve such a goal, an entrepreneur that wants to keep on earning a nice living from his website may want to consider using tools that he can avail online. One example to mention here is the tool known as the Adaptive Images.


Shrink the Size of Site Elements

Because it is never a certainty when a website may be viewed using a mobile device and when it may be viewed using a dedicated computer, it is a wise idea to try and shrink the size of the elements contained within a website. Such a computer program as GZIP can handle this task very well. After the compression, it will also be fairly easy to transmit the site data across a diverse range of networks.

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