Five Amazing Things About Reddit

Tuesday, August 2nd, 2016

Reddit 5 amazing things

Reddit caters for everybody’s needs- Sub-reddits

Most websites are standard sites offering users with either one or two services. For example, some websites simply report news while others allow you to watch and upload videos. Other sites only care about networking. Reddit is fairly unique when compared to all those websites; it is a horde of websites. Apart from its famous front page, it hosts sub-reddits. These are internet forums that address anything that anyone can ever imagine. Hence, you can get information on international news, pets, fashion, food, fitness, business tips, free yet cute computer wallpapers and latest games to say the least. Interestingly, all of this information is guaranteed to be the best that you can ever get.


Reddit exposes you to worthwhile posts

It is not in vain that Reddit refers to itself as “the front page of the internet.” It provides you with the best of pictures, videos, stories and most provoking posts that the internet has to offer. To find out the best posts that you should invest your time in, Reddit makes use of their up and down votes. Ideally, every post made by anyone is immediately followed by an up arrow and a down one. Next to the post is a tally. This allows the Reddit community to rate the given post. If they find it appealing, they will give it an up-arrow. The reverse is true for posts presumed to be of no value. While posts with more up-votes are prioritized and often displayed on the site, those with more down-votes are buried on subsequent pages. Accordingly, it provides you with posts that you deserve to read or watch.


It allows you to ask prominent people anything

Reddit is the only website that allows you to talk to famous people like movie stars, presidents and even astronauts at no cost. What is more, you are assured of getting their actual responses. This is aided by reddit’s IAmA sub-reddit. The sub-reddit represents “I am a…” It is followed by invites sent to all Reddit users to ask them anything. Therefore, you might end up inquiring from any prominent person on Reddit. Luckily, you are not restricted to ask about anything that matters to you.


Gifts and Generosity

You need to view some reddit comments to appreciate the kindness of some redditors. Many Reddit users have either assisted or received assistance within the community at a given point in time. For example, they assist one another to get a job or out of jail, come out of depression and suicide. They also get involved at good times; this is manifested among the Redditors who have been involved in gift exchanges. They exchange gifts ranging from snacks to books across all seasons.



To have a perfect understanding of Reddit, you should be conversant with its memes and typical history. The website has many memes most of which came from 4Chan. They assist you to understand everything that you can see on Reddit. Most of the trending threads evident on the memes such as 100 pushups meme resulted from simple rants and several comments. They practically make your experience on Reddit better than in their absence.

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