Graphic Design & Business: 5 Reasons Why It Matters

Wednesday, May 1st, 2019

graphic design business

Now more than ever, the image of a business is of utmost importance. The old saying, “A picture speaks a thousand words.” is still relevant in the digital world of today. One of the most important aspects every business especially small business should be focusing on good graphic design. But for some unfathomable reason, business owners mostly do not see the value it brings to the business and usually become penny pinchers. Investing in good quality graphic design in the initial days of a business is a smart move.

What is Graphic Design: Before we list why it is so critical to the success in the digital world, let us understand what graphic design is. It is the process of communicating to a target group with the help of visual and textual context. Graphic design is also referred to as communication design. It involves bringing harmony in words, typography, photography and layout to convey a message. Graphic design includes but is not limited to:

  • Logo
  • Marketing materials like banners
  • Packaging
  • Website design
  • Website layout
  • Animation

Why It Matters For A Business: Now that we know what constitutes graphic design, it is important to understand the significance it can play in how successful your business is.

  1. Builds An Image: An impressive design grabs the attention of the customer and makes connection with what your business does. You have to make an impression on the customer and the only way to do it is by having an effective logo and by being consistent with the design theme in other elements like website and advertising materials. You want to build your own brand and identity, separate from others.
  2. Good Design Sells: There is something comforting about numbers since they don’t lie. According to various research, companies with better design outperform others. A beautiful website is nice to have but what is even nicer is one that converts. A good graphic design will make the user experience hassle free and will guide it to take action.
  3. Trust: You might be tempted to save some of your hard-earned money right now by using a poorly designed logo or website but do not do it. People perceive companies with good quality design as professional and trust worthy. Your company is what represents you. Making sure you look good on all fronts makes you look credible since you are willing in invest in yourself.
  4. Differentiate From Competitors’: Imagine the scenario where you see hundreds of products from different companies with almost identical design. Nothing catches your eye. You see one that has an ingenious design or maybe the color scheme is different, you will immediately pick that up. A cleverly thought logo or design sticks in the minds of the customer and sets you apart from the herd.
  5. Communicate With the Customer: The basic purpose of graphic design is to communicate with the potential customers. Through quality graphic design, you can present your ideas to the public in a visually appealing manner. It can help you convey a story that connects with your company and is sending a consistent message.

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