Facebook Posting Tips to Increase Blog Traffic

Wednesday, July 22nd, 2015

facebook blog traffic

It is out of the question that every single blog owner out there dreams of his blog to receive high traffic volume within every single day, if possible. Yet, fact is, there are not few blog owners out there that have failed to achieve this very goal over and over again. Well, if a blog owner wants his blog to receive plenty of visitors each day, perhaps he really should consider applying the following Facebook posting tips. These tips will effectively increase the traffic to his blog.


Keep Updates Relevant

While posting an update onto this social platform, one of the most important things that a blog owner will have to keep in mind is to make sure his post is relevant to his blog. After all, it is his blog that he is promoting. When a Facebook member finds an update irrelevant to the thing being promoted, that member will consider it a spam most of the time. This will most often result in the post being simply ignored. Even worse, the member may not even want to care about any other future posts from the poster anymore.


Updates Need to Be Short

If a blog owner thinks that his Facebook post should be long enough so that his potent visitors on Facebook will know what it is about, he is completely wrong. No Facebook members out there will be happy to go through a long post. Remember, no one cares about reading essays on a social platform!


Updates Need to Sound Interesting

It is just in their nature that people will be more interested in an update that sounds interesting. To make an update interesting, a blog owner may try to use some rather witting or quirky words. It is always a good idea as well to try posting in a number of different ways. This will help the blog owner find out what the best way to promote his blog on Facebook is.


Use Images

Realize it or not, the members of such a social platform as Facebook are usually more inclined to interact with other members if there are images involved. When compared to words, Facebook members are more likely to like and comment on an image. Better yet, they may even share that image with other members, if the image is an appealing one.


Know When and How to Use Links

Some blog owners out there think that the best way to promote their blog on Facebook is to post a text update with a link pointing to their blog. Well, even though it is true that links are the best way to redirect people to a blog, the blog owners should know when and how to use links. Sometimes, it is just necessary that a blog owner does not include a link in his text update. Sometimes, it is better to make the image posted directly clickable.


Never Ignore Fans or Potent Visitors

After posting on Facebook for some time, it is a surefire that a blog owner will gain at least a handful of visitors to his blog. Now, when he has had some visitors, or fans, on the social platform, the blog owner will need to keep on interacting with his existing fans frequently. In addition to that, he had better not ignore other Facebook members as well, especially those who ask him about things related to his posts on the site. These other members, after all, may end up being a frequent visitor to his blog.

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