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Thursday, July 16th, 2015

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During the old days, it might take a lot to sell a product. However, with the technology being so advanced these days, there should no longer be such a problem. In fact, selling has never been easier. However, not everyone can sell products just by tweeting on Twitter. Only those who understand well how this platform can help them will succeed. That is why anyone willing to close sales on Twitter should pay attention to the following tips and tricks.


Get a Break from Selling

If a person wants to succeed in selling products via Twitter, he should know when to take a break. That person will have to tweet about other things in life as well, such as his personal life, hot news or something else. There are even the times when that person will have to answer his followers or customers if the followers or customers happen to mention his products. This can attract new customers in the long run. If possible, it is recommended that a person willing to sell products on Twitter tweet about some positive reviews and testimonials from his customers as well.


Do Not Become Too Exaggerative

It is never okay to promote a product too excessively. A probable seller should think of the Twitter platform as some sorts of cocktail party. In such a party, it is not selling things that matters most. Instead, the main concern here is building good relationships with as many people in the party as possible.


Offer Exclusive Coupons

No one dislikes coupons. In fact, coupons are a great way of rewarding a loyal customer. Coupons can always effectively entice people to spend their money on a certain piece of products. If a seller on Twitter is using a customizable point-of-sales system that enables him to add some custom codes to his coupons, things are just getting a lot better. The Twitter seller can enter those custom codes into their cash register. This will help them find out how many customers they are actually getting that come from Twitter.


Questions and Answers

Humans are social creatures and that is why a questions-and-answers session will always appeal to most of the people out there, even those in the online world. A good idea here will be to re-tweet the questions from followers or customers before giving the corresponding answers in the end. This will benefit the sellers in two ways, in that they satisfy their loyal customers and also potentially attracting new customers.


Provide Freebies

Some sellers run away immediately when they hear that they are supposed to provide some freebies to their customers. Well, this is very wrong. Giving free stuffs to people is a very effective way to keep existing customers and find new customers. The freebies do not have to be expensive stuffs, after all. For instance, if a person is trying to sell an e-book, he may as well offer his first chapter for free. He can simply share it on his Twitter page. After that, the person can place a link that will lead their followers to a certain page where they will be able to make complete purchases on the said e-books.

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