Checklist for Your Startup Investor Meeting

Thursday, July 4th, 2019

checklist for startup

Hurray, you have landed yourself a meeting with a potential investor in your startup. You are excited to tell them all about how wonderful your product is and how it will blow everyone minds away. All entrepreneurs are in love with their idea and can talk endlessly about it. However, not every investor meeting goes successful. Investor meetings and lots of them are a pack and parcel of a startup setting up process and they are always stressful.

To make sure that you are fully prepared for the meeting, let us first look at two things which should be avoided at all costs:

  • Not knowing what are the documents and information you will be required to share.
  • Trying to hide things from the investors which you think might be bad. Most of the people can see right through you, and will never invest if they think you are not being honest.

Now that we know what definitely not to do, let’s read up on this checklist of preparing for your meeting.

  1. Know Everything About Your company: Investors are going to ask you in detail questions about everything so have prepared answers to things like:
    • Why did you start your company? Have an interesting story to share to engage the investors.
    • What are your experiences? More than just investing in the idea, investors are also putting money into you. They need to know what makes you the best for what you want to do. They will ask about management style, how qualified your team is.
    • What have you invested in the company?
    • What is Your Market & Customer? You will be asked about what is the problem in the market to which you will be providing a solution. Did you do market research if there is any demand for your product?
    • Business Model: How are you going to make money? Who are your customers? What are the key assumptions you made in projections and why?
    • What are your competitors? Do you have a plan on how to handle them? How is your product different from theirs?
    • Three-Five Year Plan: Have a detailed financial overview of expected revenues, expenses and overheads etc for the next three to five years.
  2. Know the Outcome of The Meeting: Before going to an investor meeting, visualize exactly what do you want to achieve from the meeting. Is it just an initial meeting to get a second one? Or this is where you ask them about money? How much money are you going to ask for? How are you going to utilize those funds?
  3. Know the Investor: Investors bring a lot more to the table than just cash and it is worthwhile to spend some time knowing who they are.
    • Check their LinkedIn Profile: This not only brings you an idea of their experience but you might be able to find some common ground for some light conversation.
    • Read up a little on what other investment they have made.

There you have it! You can nail your next investor presentation by following this checklist.

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