Top Five Helpful WordPress Themes for Bloggers

Friday, November 11th, 2016

wordpress themes for bloggers

Bloggers have different and unique tastes and personalities that they would want to express in their blogs. It is therefore important that they have a variety of themes they can choose from. This post looks at the top five WordPress themes for bloggers aimed to suite various needs of bloggers.



Zillah is not only a stylish but also a great WordPress theme. It is designed for bloggers who prefer a classy yet simple presence in their blogs. The Zillah theme is absolutely catchy and advantageous in increasing content views. It also has an unlimited color choice and customization widgets. Zillah theme is also SOE friendly and can be easily customized using its live customization tool. You can get Zillah on



Nexus is a blogging theme that can also be used in magazines. It is great as it allows one to post great content amount. Nexus is simple and enables a straight forward and a very easy to read presentation for the audience. Nexus also supports varied types of content and enables the blogger to control the homepage display. Nexus contains perpetual updates and useful custom widgets. It also allows one to choose any color from the unlimited color range provided. Get Nexus on



Uberto WordPress theme is also another great theme for bloggers. Uberto theme has a useful image gallery that complements the blog text as well as the design. This theme is a good option for travel, personal blogging, corporate blogging, fashion and many others. Uberto appeals to many bloggers because it supports audio and video content as well as text. It has a page solely dedicated to the blog customization. There are also custom widgets in this theme available for the authors of the blogs.  This theme also contains a wide range of color schemes. Get Uberto on



The Brixton theme is appropriate for any blog type. It is elegant and has a design that is mainly based on varied font types and attractive images. Brixton’s look is modern and has a clean feel. It is a number one choice for portfolio as well as photography bloggers.  It is audience friendly and has a simple user face.  Brixton is also specially optimized for SOE and speed. One can also add social links and Instagram feed on the blog easily. Brixton theme has four varied skins and seven template posts. You can get Brixton on



Pinboard WordPress theme is a blogging theme similar to Pinterest. It is suitable for bloggers dealing with travel or fashion. Pinboard posts open in a lightbox style. It has a design that is responsive and is therefore be fun for the audience. Pinboard also supports multimedia both audio and video.  The blog author can also post a picture on their blog when using Pinboard theme.  Other appealing features of this theme are the infinite scroll capability and its auto stacking layout. These features enhance efficiency for both the blog author as well as the audience. Get Pinboard on

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