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Tuesday, February 21st, 2017

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PPC is short for Pay per Click. This is a form of digital marketing and paid SEM or Search Engine Marketing. In short, if you post an advertisement with the ad server, then you will pay only in situations when a visitor clicks on your ad and enters your web page. An effective PPC helps you to get noticed by the visitor in the SERP. If you are considering a PPC campaign then you need to do know about Ad Groups. Ad Groups are an essential element of PPC marketing. Ad Groups contain the three skeletons of any ad to be shown on the SERP:

  1. Landing Page: This is the home web page of your website. This needs to be constructed intelligently with contents targeting specific group of audience.
  2. Text Ad: The Ad text should be smart and useful to a particular search query.
  • Keywords: These are the most important elements in all paid as well as unpaid SEM. Keywords make your content searchable. The idea is that the keywords that the visitor uses to create a SERP should match to the highest possible degree with the keywords you have used in your content, URL, headings, in the home page and others. Tight keywords, long tail keywords, well-distributed keywords, keywords with specific geographic location and other types are being advocated. The search engine company or the ad servers usually suggest keywords in case of PPC and other forms of paid SEM.

All advertisers need to focus on the creation of an effective Ad Group because it helps to build that effective and organized ad campaign that most of the organic search engines reward. This it is all about competition Ad Groups need to be used. Following are five significances of Ad Groups in PPC campaigns:

  1. It is the basic structural component of a PPC
  2. You will be preparing your ad with the aid of this interface.
  • It helps to build ad in a cost-effective way.
  1. Search engine searches the Ad groups to determine the kind of advertisement you are posting.
  2. A well-organized Ad Groups mean that your search engine might give you a high Quality Score. This in turn means that you will have to pay lesser to ad servers for every click.

How can you make an effective Ad Group for PPC that is likeable by the search engine as well as the visitor?

  1. Keywords: Like discussed before correct usage of keywords in required. Google supplies high-in-demand keywords to the client who bids the highest.
  2. Ad text and Landing page should be well integrated: With Ad Groups you can create a landing page which is absolutely contextual with the Ad text. Google prefers these advertisements and places it high in its rank of relevance. A misleading ad where the ad text speaks of something while the content something very different will incur only loss to the business. It might create some amount of web traffic but it will be useless to the business leading in wasted clicks.

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