5 Ways to Sell Smoothly on Twitter

Friday, May 15th, 2015

ways sell twitter

Twitter is seemingly the most highly anticipated platform when it comes to tweeting short stories, such as daily life experiences. However, it can also be used to sell products and earn some money. But then again, there have been plenty of cases in which people become pissed off when the Twitter users they follow start to sell things on the platform. So, how are you supposed to sell smoothly on Twitter? Well, here are five ways to do so.


  1. Never Promote Too Excessively

There are not few people out there that tend to get drunk on promoting stuffs. This is one common mistake that you should stay away from. As pointed out by the founder of Teach My, Christy Cook, the Twitter platform can be considered as a cocktail party where building relationships matters most, not just promoting one particular person. Just for your information, Teach My is a company that delves in children’s learning kits business in Toronto, US.


  1. Don’t Just Tweet about Selling

Even though you are planning to tweet about items you want to sell, there are also times when you have to tweet about something else, too. At times, you need to respond to your customers or Twitter followers whenever they happen to mention your products. This way, you will be providing useful information to your customers and even your future customers, perhaps. It will be even better if you can tweet positive testimonials and reviews about your products.


  1. Give Away Some Freebies

Who doesn’t like freebies? Whereas hard selling may often fail at times, freebies always work. For an example, if you are trying to sell an e-book, you may want to consider giving away the first chapter of your e-book for free on your Twitter page. Then, you can also include a link which will take your Twitter followers to a page that allows them to purchase the complete version of the e-book if they intend to do so.


  1. Organize Some Q&A Sessions

Though it may seem rather unimportant at a glance, asking questions and answering them can actually help boost your product sales. Whenever your fans or followers ask you questions about your products, you can re-tweet them on Twitter before eventually answering them. Not only will this satisfy your existing customers or fans asking the questions but it may also help you gain new customers along the way.


  1. Offer Exclusive Coupons

Everybody loves discounts is a fact no one can deny. Therefore, why not consider giving away some discount coupons to your existing or potent customers? According to the person in charge of social media practice at Metzger Associates, coupon is always an effective way to entice customers to make a purchase. Also, if the point-of-sales system you use allow you to append some user-defined codes to your coupons, this will be even more ideal. You can enter those specific codes into your cash register machine and see just how many customers you are getting that actually become your customers after noticing your posts on your Twitter page.

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