5 trends and news all social media marketing heads need to know

Friday, March 10th, 2017

social media trends

Digital marketing is dynamic and ever evolving. Every day a new idea, a new technology, a new strategy, series of new guidelines from the search engine or social media company come up and disorients your market building strategy to some degree. You need to know the trends and the new rules to use them for modification of your internet marketing campaigns for the betterment and advancement. Since competition is more than tough on all fronts, ignoring trends and news can cost you heavily. Updating and following trend wisely and in an optimized fashion have found to assure success most of the times. The following discussion is about some recent trends in the field of social media marketing:

  1. Social messaging applications are replacing public social networks: You can go public or private on a social media. In the recent trends, people are choosing WhatsApp over Facebook to maintain their social contacts. Private messaging is on the rise than public messaging. In fact, social networking media are incorporating a private messaging window for all their ad givers.
  2. Fake news will be controlled across all social media as well as search media platform: People who make website with false news about a famous individual or a happening are to be penalized heavily in the recent years. These websites usually get the highest click rate that makes them top on any SERP. The situation is same in case of social media also; there are fan pages with illicit or false informations. Developers and advisors are at work to eliminate these from the searchable web or their platform.
  • Live videos are emerging to be a wonderful tool in social media This trend has initiated in 2016. It is predicted to become popular in the coming years. Facebook will be currently providing its users with the option for uploading a 360 degree live video. Check out their home page to know more.
  1. Mobile friendly websites are becoming more acceptable and needed as our mobiles become smarter. Mobiles have become pocket computers. It is easy to carry and do your entire web stuff with the same data connection that you use to make call. Thus comes the utility and requirement of mobile applications. A company should develop both desktop as well as mobile friendly websites. Mobile applications have been in the market for quite some time now and it is here to stay since it provides the user the freedom of working while on the move saving time. Thus spending some money in the development of an android compatible website will definitely prove to be a wise internet marketing strategy.
  2. Search engines within social media are being developed by popular social media websites like Twitter. This means your tweets have to be search engine optimized also in order to be visible on the highest page ranks of a SERP. Now you have to construct your tweets with the right keywords and all those techniques that you apply for an organic SEO.

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