4 tips for effective remarketing policies

Friday, April 7th, 2017


Remarketing or Ad Retargeting is an effective internet marketing strategy. Remarketing is an advertisement policy to those who have visited your website and have shown some kind of interest in your product or content. Ads are displayed to all or some of the visitors across various websites even when he is not searching for that particular product for example as sponsored links with an email page. If you are doing remarketing with Google, your remarketing ad will be visible on various partner websites of Google across Google Display Network. In this way you can retarget your audience and can increase your conversion rate. However like ad tactics, optimization is necessary. Remarketing means further ad posting besides your usual paid SEM or PPC. Thus it needs very focused and target oriented. Otherwise you might end up depleting your ad budget with a poor ROI. Following are certain tips for a successful remarketing campaign to create an effective internet marketing strategy:

  1. Tag pages that are already popular: The text ad or image ad that your use for remarketing purpose should bring the visitor to a landing page that is already performing well or generating good amount of useful leads. You should be clear with your objective. If you want to generate more sales within a short period of time then tag those landing pages that host those product that are currently having top selling record. In short, your remarketing web pages should be objective based with a focused and relevant content.
  2. Use multiple ad size: Size and weight of the content of the ad matters. This is because this retargeting ad will be distributed across various websites and networks. In case of those networks and websites that create substantial web traffic, a remarketing ad of large size will take longer time to load. With a longer time of your ad, you might end up losing an important lead. Thus construct ad pages of various sizes for retargeting purpose.
  • Regroup your visitors: Creating one remarketing ad for all your visitors is not advisable. Grouping visitors and creating target-specific remarketing ads is an important remarketing strategy. With the advent of web analytics, you can easily see how much time each of your visitor spends on your website, which or how many pages they are being, whether they have liked any of your product, have they saved any product for future buy and many more. With these parameters you can easily classify your visitors, prioritize them according to the potential of becoming a lead or a customer and create the most appropriate ad for each group.
  1. Offer discounts: Discounts and other offers to should be posted with your ad to those visitors who have already purchased your product once. Deals and discounts are known to create customers. Also, if one of your visitors has recently selected some of your products under their Wish list or Cart tab, then offering a discount on that product can promote sales.

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