How do I know if a subscription was cancelled?

You can check your PayPal account to see whether your subscription has been cancelled. There are numerous reasons why your subscription may be cancelled.
Here are a few reasons:
• You forgot to pay for your subscription when it was due.
• You cancelled subscription via our Billing page.
• You decided not to continue with the subscription and cancelled it manually through PayPal system.
You may also visit the History tab on the left sidebar of the dashboard.

Under the Billing History section, by the date of your purchase you will see an X icon similar to this.

If you place your mouse over the icon you will see “Subscription was cancelled. Your next month will not renew.”

Remember that it is your responsibility to cancel subscriptions or renew subscriptions on your own. We will not refund subscriptions that are already paid more than 30 days ago. You can also submit a support ticket to us to confirm if subscription has been cancelled.

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