What is acquisition overview in Google Analytics?

The acquisition overview report is found on the left sidebar of Google Analytics. Just click on Acquisition and Overview underneath it. This report lets you see how you acquire your users, how they behave on your site and their conversion patterns. You will find a top channels pie chart similar to this one which shows the percentage of sessions that came from organic search, direct, referral and social:

There will also be line graphs for sessions and conversions. Below this you can see a table with metrics for acquisition, behavior and conversions (ABC).
1. Acquisition by sessions, % new sessions and new users.
2. Behavior on site by Bounce Rate, Pages per Session and Average Session Duration.
3. Conversion patterns by Transactions, Revenue, Ecommerce Conversion Rate, Goal Conversion Rate, Goal Completions and Goal Value.

You can also browse through the other acquisition reports such as: Channels, All Traffic, All Referrals, Campaigns, Keywords, Cost Analysis, AdWords, Social and Search Engine Optimization. Some of these reports will require you to link your Google Webmasters Tools account or Adwords account.

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