The Google Analytics reporting interface

Wednesday, December 16th, 2015

Once the data has been processed, you can retrieve the data from Google Analytics using the reporting interface. The reporting interface looks similar to this:

The first column in the reports is the dimension and the rest of the columns are different types of metrics like sessions, % new sessions, new users, bounce rate, pages/sessions and more. All Google Analytics reports are compiled from different combinations of dimensions and metrics. There are many types of reports you analyze such as paid keywords, all traffic, all referrals, channels, social and more. You may also set a secondary dimension for more in-depth reports. For example, if you want to look at the landing pages from the traffic you get from Google / organic, when you view the Google organic traffic just set the secondary dimension to “Landing Pages”. Now it will list all the pages people visit from Google searches.

In this case, 4,275 out of 146,301 sessions went to our forum from the Google search results and 3,336 went to our homepage. Being able to analyze your reports and take the necessary steps to improve your marketing strategy is important to having a successful website or business.

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