Introduction to the 10KHits Dashboard Overview

Tuesday, December 15th, 2015

The 10KHits Dashboard Overview includes analytic tools such as line graphs that will help you keep track of your account summary. This is also where we will keep you updated with the latest announcements such as system updates and special offers at the top of the page. The dashboard includes 8 different elements:

1. Update Profile – click on the Get Started button to update your profile.
2. Receive Hits – click on the Add Site button to add your first website campaign and start receiving hits.
3. Earn Points – download the exchanger to quickly start earning traffic points for more hits to your websites.
4. Account Type – shows you which plan is currently applied to your account. Click the plan to quickly view a list of plans you can purchase.
5. Available Points – shows you how many traffic points you have on your account. Click on this number to quickly purchase more traffic points via booster packs.
6. Remaining URLs – shows you how many website slots are remaining that you can use to create website campaigns. Click on this number to quickly purchase more website slots via booster packs.
7. Active Websites – shows you the number of active website campaigns that are running on your account.
8. Weekly Analytics – displays two line graphs for the points earned and hits received from your account in the past 7 days.

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