What Are the Best Alternatives to Hitleap Available Today?

Monday, November 22nd, 2021

What Are the Best Alternatives to Hitleap Available Today

With the recent announcement that Hitleap will be closing down on December 6, 2021, many of its webmasters and traffic resellers must prepare to find a new traffic exchange option or be left out in the cold this winter. The Hitleap website is a place where you can anonymously browse other people’s websites to earn points that you can use to receive views on your own websites. There are many sites that offer similar services, so what are some of the best alternatives? This article will explore some of these top alternatives for Hitleap and show readers how they can get started right away!

  1. What is a traffic exchange
  2. What is Hitleap
  3. Alternatives to Hitleap
  4. Why do people use traffic exchanges
  5. How to get started with the alternatives


What is a traffic exchange

A traffic exchange, also known as a web traffic exchange or website traffic generator, is a service allowing members of the public to visit other websites, usually in return for viewing advertisements.


What is Hitleap

Hitleap is a website that was made for anyone and everyone who wants to submit content with the single purpose of ranking high on Hitleap.

Last we looked, Hitleap had about 12 million monthly visitors and around 1 million active users.  More than half of the users were from the United States, but they also have an international userbase.


Alternatives to Hitleap

One alternative to Hitleap is 10KHits which has been around for many years and doesn’t seem to be going anywhere anytime soon. 10KHits is one of the top traffic exchanges available on the web today and is trusted by thousands of users.

There are also countless of other traffic exchanges available on the web that you can find simply by googling “traffic exchanges”.


Why do people use traffic exchanges

A lot of people use traffic exchanges because they don’t have a website or blog, or they want to give their site a boost when it’s been flagged in the search engine listings. Traffic exchange programs also appeal to those who are new to blogs, who may not yet have a large following, and rely on the points that others generate for them in order to get their content in front of more people.

Traffic exchanges offer many benefits to people who use them, including the following:

– Converting visitors from other websites to visit your website.

– Increasing your website’s ranking in search engines by getting free traffic from the internet.

– Building relationships with other webmasters.

– Increasing popularity of your website by sharing quality traffic with other webmasters.

– Getting free visitors to your website

There are many traffic exchanges that provide free memberships, but there are only a few which also offer paid memberships for Pro users.


How to get started with the alternatives

If you think that 10KHits is the best Hitleap alternative then simply click on the link below and create your account. It’s free to get started and we offer competitive plans that are much cheaper and more affordable than Hitleap.


Or you can head on over to our pricing page to see the different plans we offer:


10KHits is a great option for those who want to try out their first traffic exchange or have been using them for years. 10KHit’s intuitive interface and easy-to-use features make it a top choice among webmasters and traffic resellers, but don’t take our word for it! Sign up today and see if you can grow your website traffic with this popular solution.

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