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Monday, October 5th, 2015

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The internet has practically become everyone’s primary need these days. In a manner of speaking, people just can’t live without the web. Therefore, no matter what niche a business may delve in, it is always a brilliant idea to build a website. After all, there is no distance limit when a business uses a website. No matter where its customers may be physically located, they will always be within reach for the customers by means of a website. However, it is important that businesses pay good attention to how they are really supposed to design a website. Here are quite a few tips that often work effectively.


Pay Equal Attention to Mobile and Desktop Users

Today, mobile users can never again be underestimated. To be honest, there seem to be more mobile than desktop users these days, thanks to the fast paced growth of the mobile industry. With that being said, it becomes a must that a website can run both on a desktop and a mobile platform. In order to make sure that a website is friendly to a mobile platform, it is best to use HTML5.


Maintain Responsiveness

Even though a website has to be fully compatible with both desktop and mobile platforms today, this does not mean that a website owner has to compromise on the responsiveness of his website. In fact, he should pay more attention to how responsive his website is, really. This is to say that a website owner should refrain from using too many frames and other complicated website elements.


Be Careful with Resolutions

The resolutions of a website determine just how easily viewable the site will be, both on mobile and desktop platforms. To play safe, a website should have a resolution that ranges from 480 pixels to 768 pixels. The smaller the resolution is, the more compatible it will be with older and smaller mobile devices. Yet, the bigger the resolution is, the more compatible the site will be with larger, modern mobile devices as well as desktop computers.


Compress Site Contents

Whenever possible, a site owner should try to compress the contents on his site. This will make it easier for the site and its contents to transmit across different networks. With compressed contents, the number of bytes delivered will be much smaller when compared to when the site is not compressed. Thankfully, there are dozens of applications out there to help compress a site and its contents, such as GZIP.


Remove Non-Important Assets

In building a website, it is common to include some assets that are in fact not so important. Well, when it comes to designing a great website, however, it is best for the owner of the site to remove these not-so-important assets.


Use Flexible Images

Last but not least, one important thing to keep in mind is to make sure that the images used within the entire site are highly adjustable. To make an image highly adjustable, a site owner can use such a tool as Adaptive Images. This will make the images on a site easier to load depending upon the devices being used to access the site.

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