Web Design Mistakes You Might Not Realize Before

Friday, January 22nd, 2016

Web Design Mistakes

A lot of people out there have been very successful with their websites. That said, their websites have earned them hundreds or probably even thousands of bucks each month. This has allowed them to quit their job without having to worry about having no income to rely on for the rest of their life. Now, the question is, how do these people become this successful? Well, one thing is for sure, they certainly do not do the following common mistakes that a lot of people do with their still struggling websites.


So, if you want to be among those with great success stories to share, you should make sure that your website is free from the following mistakes:

  • Text, text and text

Yes, a website should contain text otherwise it will not be informative. Nonetheless, this does not necessarily mean that a website should consist of text, text and text over and over again. What you need to keep in mind is that your potent customers are not visiting your website to read a novel of sorts. You do not want them to do that, either, anyway, well, unless you are actually building a novel site or something like that. What you want your potent customers to do is to make purchases, preferably repeated purchases.

  • Cluttered pages

It is kind of hilarious why some online stores out there seem to be very fond of offering too many products to their target customers. Yes, with more products offered, online stores may have a greater chance of making sales. However, this is not a reason to make your web page cluttered with too many products. This is because customers will most likely abandon your page due to confusion rather than staying any longer and making purchases. Speaking of cluttered pages, there can be quite a few variations. Sometimes, cluttered pages may refer to pages that have too many elements. Yet, some other times, cluttered pages may refer to products that come with too many options to choose from.

  • Shopping cart is hard to find

If online shoppers can’t seem to find the shopping cart on your page almost immediately, this will urge them to leave your page and turn to your competitors instead. After all, why should you make it hard for your potent customers to find the shopping cart? You want them to do some shopping on your web page in the first place, don’t you? So, if your shopping cart is hard to locate or, even worse, it is hidden, you are most likely to lose sales. Sometimes, even though the shopping cart is not that hard to find, it is hard to identify because it does not use the common or usual icon or text. Therefore, always make sure that the cart and the checkout section of your page is always easily accessible.

  • Skipping mobile option

Today is the era of mobile devices, that is a fact no one can deny. Therefore, why not allow people to shop on your page using their mobile devices? Believe it or not, there are millions of people who shop online using nothing but their mobile devices these days.

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